Light⚡️ Nite FPS Game Using Bitcoin – First Look + Pre-sale + Earn Free Bitcoin

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I love playing and testing videos games, especially if they have something to do with blockchain gaming or Bitcoin in particular! I recently hooked up with the team over at Satoshi's Games who are working on a Fortnite style FPS (first person shooter) game where you can earn Bitcoin by playing the game!

I give you a first look at Light⚡️ Nite, a first person shooter with a sweet low polygon style where you can win Bitcoin by taking out other players!

I show you game play footage, how to get a 20% discount, demo how EASY it is to buy items with Bitcoin, and even how to earn some free Bitcoin with the game too.

Use my link to get 20% off the game and an EXCLUSIVE CryptoStache Skin: Click Here for a Discount & Free Skin

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If you are going to be at Bitcoin 2020 conference I will be doing a live demo of the multiplayer version of Light⚡️ Nite at the conference!

Make sure to follow the game on all their channels below to stay up to date!




Thanks to the Light⚡️ Nite team for sponsoring this video! I will have more game play footage to show you soon, but until then...

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