Since I was a kid I liked collecting things. I used to love getting new packs of cards and hoping for those few rare ones I needed to complete my full set.

Baseball, Basketball, Football, Comics, even pogs, I collected it all! While there were many card companies, TOPPS was always a leader in the collectible card industry and that was the brand that I mostly collected. 

That's why I was excited to be able to talk with my friends at WAX about their new partnership with TOPPS!

WAX is going to be partnering with popular trading card company TOPPS to produce blockchain based cards from their massive collection of intellectual property which includes: MLB, NHL, Star Wars, UFC, WWE, Garbage Pail Kids, and SO much more! This is a huge partnership with a global leader in collectible cards.

I talk with Evan Vandenburg from the WAX team all about the partnership and their plans.

Check out more details at: or you can see the official press release from TOPPS here.

I will certainly be following this up when they release the first version of their app with the Garbage Pail Kids, but until then…

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