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A master of disguise, lurking in the shadows of every live stream on a top secret mission to win your attention (& your subscription).

I wear countless faces… Each one of them unique and fun, but always featuring the same great ‘stache you have come to know and love! Are we losing our beloved CryptoStache to “the Agency”???

Keep reading to find what this means AND details on a $100 giveaway to kick off my new top secret assignment!

Well no, not exactly, but from now on you can call me Secret Agent ‘Stache!

I have been a gamer my entire life and while I love covering the intersection of blockchain + gaming I have decided to branch out a little more into the gaming space in general. I will still be doing all the same great cryptocurrency focused content, but now my game streaming content is getting a slight re-brand to “Secret Agent ‘Stache” on my Twitch account (follow me on Twitch here). 

You can still call me ‘Stache!

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What's Up With The Secret Agent Thing??

I decided that the “Crypto” part of my branding was not really working for me specifically on Twitch, but I still wanted to keep it fun and engaging for those that follow me on Twitch. So I came up with my alter ego, Secret Agent ‘Stache!

I will be wearing a different disguise every time I do a live stream on Twitch and viewers will even be able to earn in-channel points that will let you pick different disguises for me to wear live on stream.

So one stream I might be disguised as a Cowboy, one stream a pirate or maybe even an alien! A lot of the choice will be up to YOU, the viewer.

$100 Giveaway Kickoff Live Stream!

cryptostache stache secret agent twitch giveaway win

To celebrate my promotion to Secret Agent ‘Stache, I am giving away $100 ($20 to 5 winners) in YOUR CHOSE of either a game giftcard (Playstation, XBox, Nintendo, Steam) OR Bitcoin as your prize. All you have to do to be eligible to win is to follow me on Twitch and be in the chat during my live stream.

I will be using the in-chat giveaway system and you will have to use a keyword to enter each drawing. 

Join me Saturday, April 4th at 7pm PST to 10pm PST.

Hope to see you all on a live stream soon, until next time…

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