Garbage Pail Kids are LIVE on the blockchain! I talk with Evan Vandenberg, Director Of Business Development at WAX, about the launch of GPK on the WAX blockchain. We show off some cards, take questions live from the chat, discuss the future of NFT's and collectibles on WAX and even give away some packs of Garbage Pail Kids!

Since this launch the GPK first edition has completely SOLD OUT in just 28 hours! The are some really hot secondary markets for digital Garbage Pail Kids trading online so you can still buy digital Garbage Pail Kids online if you want, but the price is going to be at a premium now that all the packs have been sold. You can check out my collection by searching for my public account: z4fos.wam

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More digital Garbage Pail Kids by Topps and WAX news and updates coming soon, but until then…

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