The new Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) Tiger King series was released and almost instantly sold out! The partnership between WAX (one of my favorite cryptocurrencies) and global collectible card maker Topps, has produced quite the hype for their digital Garbage Pail Kids and that was seen with the release of their second series based on the popular Tiger King documentary.

In this video, I talk about the sale, some of the problems people faced, how the markets are reacting to pricing of the new cards and I even open up 10 Mega Packs live on stream!

Watch to see what sweet cards I ended up with!

Ready to buy some digital Garbage Pail Kids? Check out my two favorite places to buy/sell/trade:

I will be doing more Garbage Pail Kids giveaways and content, so look for that soon on my social channels (especially my Telegram & Discord for exclusive giveaways). Until next time…

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