The NFT Beat – Jack’s $2.5 Million Tweet NFT, Taco Bell NFTs, Socios, Topps, Nyan Cat

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This week we look at Jack Dorsey's 1st tweet NFT auction that will go to charity with a current high bid of 2.5 million dollars.

(Had some issues with Kenn's sound, sorry friends!)

Kenn and I also look at my latest NFT drop collaboration with Jay Delay, Taco Bell NFT, Nyan Cat creating a meme collective, upcoming events DYGYCON & #PlayToEarn​ Fest, Socios, hack exploits wrapped in NFT's, and more!

00:00​ - Intro & Market Watch
22:22​ - Unoffical Punk Stache
33:46​ - Jack's 2.5MM Tweet
45:42​ - Godzilla VS King Kong NFTs
52:57​ - Taco Bell NFTs
1:00:32​ - Uplfit Charity Auction
1:07:49​ - DYGYCON
1:12:13​ - Play to Earn Festival
1:16:05​ - Nyan Cat Meme "Collective"
1:21:38​ - Topps Digial
1:39:00​ - SuperFarm
1:42:00​ - Socios/Chillz
1:45:56​ - Zero Day Hacker NFTs

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