This week we look at Elon Musk's NFT, which we both think MIGHT be his most epic troll yet! Kenn and I also look at the MoonCats Hype, How to play Alien Worlds, our most recent NFT drops, a hacker on WAX, more sports NFT's with Sorare and Owens Cricket, Atari x Bondly “Atari Metaverse”, and more.

00:00 – Intro / NFT Markets
28:03 – Alien Worlds
33:28 – Stache on rPlanet
35:59 – FREE Mythic Sticker drop
40:01 – Kenn Physical Collab / Indie Artists
44:35 – WAX hack
49:36 – David Was Wrong… NFT
52:53 – Elon Musk NFT Trolling?
1:02:53 – MoonCats Hype
1:08:30 – Sorare
1:11:52 – Owens Cricket
1:16:40 – Atari X Bondly
1:21:31 – GYB Price Hike
1:25:21 – Fortified Game
1:27:15 – DYGYCON
1:30:39 – Super Crypto Cross
1:36:58 – Hail Draconis
1:39:41 – Non-Fungible Oranges
1:42:35 – TryRoll Hack
1:44:20 – PancakeSwap DNS Attack

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