There are so many rich and amazing stories in the mythology of just about every culture throughout our planet. Those stories have been passed down by generation after generation for years, and now they are being immortalized on the blockchain with a brand new collectible NFT card set that not only embodies the aesthetics of the myths, but also the story behind them. 

Mythical Beings Come To Life

The team Tarasca Art & Games have just recently launched a new NFT collectible card game called Mythical Beings. This highly collectible set of 50 NFTs are hand painted watercolors by artist Ana Santiso and each card reflects a different mythical beast from various cultures across the globe. 

Not only do these cards look amazing, but they tell the story that each creature is based on right on each NFT card. 


How To Play

The goal of this game is to collect all 50 cards in the set of which 30 have been released for “Season 1” of the set. There are 3 levels of cards, Common, Rare, Epic. This very first season is invite only so if you are looking for an invite you will need to be invited by someone already collecting Season 1 (like me!). 

Mythical Beings is a game built on the Ardor blockchain, so if you already have an Ardor wallet you can use that, but if not you can easily create one when signing up. 

Once you have made it into the game, the next goal is to get some of their cryptocurrency called IGNIS, which is used to buy card packs. You can do a swap on Changelly for IGNIS. 

Each card pack comes with 3 cards, but don't worry if you get duplicates because you can use your duplicate cards to craft a random card of the next highest rarity.

This crafting system does require some IGNIS in your wallet to accomplish so keep that in mind when budgeting for upgrades.

Completing The Set & The Jackpot

For those collectors that complete a full set there are a few different rewards you can pick up. 

The Jackpot contains 50% of all Sales of a Cycle (currently a week) and if you complete the whole NFT Collection, you can sacrifice one of each card (a collection) for a share of the Jackpot.

In return, in addition to the Jackpot Share, you get a chance to be rewarded with the special limited Tarasca Card.

The Tarasca Card is special card in the set and holding it entitles you to 10% of the sales (and crafting costs) from every cycle! Now that's an NFT with benefits!

There are a lot of NFT collectibles out there, but this is a pretty unique set that is inspired by the most interesting stories and myths that humans have been telling stories about for hundreds of years. 

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