NFT Draft Combines Fantasy Football With Collectible Cards

NFT Draft fantasy football blockchain crypto

NFT Draft fantasy football blockchain crypto

Fantasy Football is HUGE! Every season thousands of people create their teams and enter into online (and offline) tournaments and leagues for big prizes and those ever coveted bragging rights.

While most people enjoy the thrill and interaction with friends and foes alike, there are those "whales" out there that optimize their lineups to win every time. You start to see the same redundant teams and setups in tournament after tournament. Not only does this put many at a disadvantage, but it also takes some of the fun out of fantasy football. 

The folks over at NFT Draft recognize some of these pitfalls and have created a fun new system that incorporates NFT cards that represent each position on your fantasy football team. 

Let's break down how this new NFT fantasy football system works!

NFT Draft Basics

A typical fantasy football draft works by having each team manager pick players in order until they have their full team lineup. With NFT Draft, you buy packs of collectible cards that represent all the different positions on every NFL team.

The packs are randomized, so you never know what you will get in a pack. This makes selecting a team much more interesting and fair as you are only limited to what you can draft by how many cards you own. 

The project is built on the WAX blockchain, one of my favorite crypto ecosystems for collectible cards.

There are sixteen positions on thirty two teams which equals a total of five-hundred and twelve cards. These represent the positions that you will use to "draft" your team. 

On game days, the stats will dynamically show up on the cards, and while graphically the cards don't represent the actual player on each team, the stats will. 

All the tournaments for the first season are FREE to enter and have big cash prizes to boot. All you have to do is make sure you have enough cards for a full team. 

NFT Draft Player Cards

NFT Draft offers several different types of card packs to make it easy to get a full team. 

When you open your packs you will notice that each card looks a bit different. These differences reflect the "rarity" of the card, which adds scoring variety. Each of the five-hundred twelve cards has a limit to how many can ever be created. Here is the break down:

  • 20,000 Common Cards (gray)
  • 1,000 Standouts (blue)
  • 100 Team Captains (purple)
  • 10 MVPs (orange)
  • 1 GOAT (gold) 

Each rarity above common receives the following scoring bonus:

  • Standout earns a one-percent scoring bonus.
  • Team Captain earns a two-percent scoring bonus.
  • MVP earns a three-percent bonus, and costs one less point to play.
  • GOAT earns a five-percent bonus, and costs two less points to play.

This scoring system allows individuals to hold places rather than large chunks of tied players. These modest scoring bonuses help but won’t dominate the field. Strategy still rules this game.

Unique Features

The rules for this new card-game style fantasy football are a little bit different than your normal league in a few ways.

Here are some of the unique card features & differences from traditional fantasy football team creation:

  • They return 50% (fifty) of card-sale revenue back to the community.
  • Every tournament the first year is free to enter.
  • Each common card is playable 50 (fifty) times per week.
  • Created a new position: Defense + Kicker.
  • Users can enter two QBs
  • Users can enter two Defense+Kicker.
  • Users can enter two Kickers.
  • Users can enter two Defenses.
  • Users must enter one QB
  • Users must enter one of the following: Defense, Defense+Kicker, or Kicker
  • Users can enter a maximum of three: Defense, Defense+Kicker, or Kicker

Making sure you have the right kind of cards is important and in League play you are able to trade cards or sell your cards for cash to other League players. 

Users will have 135 points to spend creating their teams.

  • High end cards cost 20 points.
  • Low end cards cost 3 points.
  • Users may design their team within those parameters, interjecting RBs, WRs, and TEs as they deem appropriate.
  • This system diversifies teams.

A Carolina RB #1 GOAT doesn’t guarantee a win. If that position has a record game and earns 50 points. Our bonus adds 2.5. That two point five will help, but it takes more than the GOAT of Carolina RB #1 to place at the top of the leaderboards.

Game Launch Details

This project is JUST getting started so now is a great time to get on board. The next round of card packs will be available on August 12th and the first tournaments with big money prizes will start shortly after. 

Check out their website and purchase card packs here:

If you are a big fan of fantasy football and also love to collection NFL football cards, this is a fun way to combine the love of both in a way where you can truly "Play to Earn" thanks to blockchain technology. 

Until next time...

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