Seedify NFT gaming launchpad

NFT gaming is on it's way to reshaping the entire video game industry as we know it and if you want to take part in this revolution (and the profits), its important to know what is going on NOW as we are still on the ground floor. 

Even though we are still very early in blockchain gaming, there are a lot of projects out there that are may try to scam you with low quality games and NFTs so doing research is just as important here as it is for any other cryptocurrency. 

This is why an incubator and launchpad company like Seedify can be so valuable with it comes to finding the right NFT game token and metaverse ecosystem to invest in. 

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What is Seedify?

Seedify is a premiere multi-chain launchpad and incubator for blockchain games that plans on launching its very own blockchain game design studio. Originally they started as a pure community launchpad project by airdropping the initial supply of their tokens ($SFUND) to their community. No outside investments, no IDO, no private sale investors, and they have grown considerably since their launch.

Seedify is planning on making a ton of updates in what they are calling Seedify V2, which includes plans for its own game design studio: Seedify Game Studios.

Seedify has incubated many successful blockchain games including CryptoBlades Kingdoms, Forest Knight, and Snook. Each of these IGO’s provided anyone who participated with huge returns.

seedify nft games

Their launchpad is currently focused on incubating/launching NFT Gaming Tokens, but soon they will be incubating actual NFT collections to be used in game as well once Seedify V2 launches.


What is a launchpad and an IDO/IGO?

A Launchpad/Incubator is an organization, or even a DAO, that helps a new blockchain project startup by supporting them with marketing and advising on things like tokenomics. They help visionaries and founders bring their ideas to life.

Typically there are investors that get early access to provide funding to new projects, in traditional investing normal people don't usually get access to these opportunities to get in early, but a launchpad gives that opportunity back to the retail investor. 

A launchpad will let retail investors get in early by providing money before a token launches on a DEX or CEX at a discounted rate. Then when it launches investors who got in through Seedify will already be in profit (in most cases).

Using this model, there is some legal implication with Securities Laws, so Seedify requires all participants to go through KYC verification before they can participate. USA people need to get a foreign LLC to participate.

When a new token launches on a CEX/DEX it is often referred to as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or IDO (Initial DEX Offering), but when it is a token for a blockchain game it is called an IGO (Initial Game Offering), and soon Seedify will have INOs (Initial NFT Offerings) for their in game NFTs (for games in their ecosystem)


How does Seedify Work / How to participate in IGO’s

Seedify first curates the list of games they are incubating, meaning they do all the hard work and research so you don't have to. Seedify’s team analyzes every game they incubate from top to bottom, looking at the team, the quality, the features, tokenomics, etc. So every game you see on Seedify is sure to meet a certain standard.

Seedify also requires participants to hold their native token $SFUND to participate in their IGO’s so the token has some pretty high utility. The two best places to buy $SFUND currently are KuCoin and PancakeSwap.

There is a tier system to how Seedify allocates the tokens in an IGO to its participants and it has to do with how much $SFUND you own. The more $SFUND you own the bigger allocation you can get in an IGO. (See below)

seedify nft gaming

You must hold $SFUND and be KYC’d on Seedify’s platform to participate in Seedify’s IGO’s


Value of Investing in Blockchain Games via Seedify Launchpad

Seedify curates all the games they IGO so you know you’re investing in a quality project that has been researched well. This is probably the biggest benefit to this platform all around. 

Seedify also has partnerships with Elrond, Polygon, Altura NFT, Yield Guild, Phala Network, and many others. These partnerships offer advantages to the games they launch and the results of their previous IGOs speak for themselves.

If you are looking for a solid place to discover new games that you can into early investing rounds for without having to be an accredited investor, then give Seedify a spin!

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