If you are a hardcore gaming like me then having a great desk setup is a must. Some people are fine with any old budget computer desk, but a true PC gamer needs a desk that can fit all their needs and more.

Overlooking the benefits of what a quality desk can do for your gaming experience happens more than you think so I decided to review a top rated gaming desk and show YOU what you should look for and avoid in game desk.

I got a chance to review the E-WIN 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk with Smart Wireless Charger And USB Port and I have to say it has some really great quality of life features that any gamer would love, but there are also some things I would change.

Check out my full video review below:

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Buy A New RGB Gaming Desk Pros

  1. Packaging – This is often overlooked, but a quality company will have quality packaging as many of these desks are being shipped from overseas. You can see the E-WIN gaming desk has some pretty solid packaging and there was no damage in shipping.
  2. Easy Setup – If there are too many moving parts or the setup is too complicated it could result in the desk not being put together correctly. I have found that furniture you have to put together yourself is always more stable and lasts longer the fewer parts you have (im looking at you IKEA!).
  3. Cool Features – Not every desk has to have extra features built in, but damn they do improve the quality of your experience! The E-WIN gaming desk has a built in wireless charger for you phone, a cup holder that puts your drink off your desk (so it does not get ruined with water stains), a headphone holder, and some RGB lighting.

Avoid These Gaming Desk Cons

  1. Everything Should Work – With the addition of built in features like RGB lighting or wireless chargers comes the risk that these things are going to break leaving you with a lower quality gaming desk experience. When I received my E-WIN gaming desk the built in RGB desk lights did not work properly as you can see in my video. Plugging them in, the flashed on for a second then would not go back on. Make sure everything works before you start using your desk.
  2. Sturdy Construction – Gaming can be intense sometimes and for those that also livestream their gaming, its a must that you have a sturdy desk that does not bounce all around as you are using it. This can kill the look of your live stream and affect the accuracy of your in-game grind. While the E-WIN gaming desk is made of some heavy duty materials, the overall semi-cantilevered design allows the desk to bounce up and down too much.

My experience with the E-WIN gaming desk was a bit sub par, but if you are not as intense of a gamer as I am and you get a fully working unit then chances are you will incredibly happy with this elite level gaming desk.