Secret Agent Stache CryptoStache headshot photo
Subject: Secret Agent 'Stache
Alias: CryptoStache
Occupation: Agent at the Gaming Intelligence Agency - [GIA]
Rank: Commander
Affiliations: Neo Tokyo, Wolves DAO, Owned, LBWD, Brother Pines 
Background: Subject is a popular gaming content creator best known for his immaculate mustache, unwavering opinions on the future of gaming being blockchain based, and his signature catch phrase "It's MISSION TIME!". 
The subject has been seen regularly in the crypto scene since 2017 & was one of the first creators to champion crypto games that incorporate NFTs, interoperability, and transparency.
Activities: Subject regularly produces videos, livestreams, shorts, and newsletters on various topics related to gaming, NFTs, and the metaverse. Subject plays a variety of games including: My Pet Hooligan, Wildcard, DEADROP, Shrapnel, Escape from Tarkov & many more. Subject is also an experienced musician with his own folk & Americana band called Brother Pines.
Tactics: Subject is a highly trained operative of the [GIA] with high marksmanship, counter intelligence, and covert infiltration skills. Subject is also a known master of disguise & can blend in with any gaming environment he encounters.
Recommendations: Monitor subject's online activities and interactions across YouTube, Twitter, & TikTok. Maintain a friendly and respectful relationship with subject and his community of [GIA] Agents. Do NOT attempt to compromise subject's identity, privacy, or security. Do NOT interfere with subject's legitimate and lawful gaming-related endeavors.