Give. Get. Stack. Interview with Give Bitcoin Founder Cory Klippsten

give bitcoin gift interview cory klippsten crypto invest summit cis la

While at the recent Crypto Invest Summit I had a chance to sit down with the founder of Give Bitcoin, Cory Klippsten. We dive into exactly what problem they are solving, how easy they are making giving the gift of Bitcoin for the average joe, and exactly how the platform engages you over time as …

Bitcoin Dollar Cost Averaging; The Best Way To Invest In Cryptocurrency

dollar cost averaging bitcoin cryptocurrency dca BCA

For the average investor, jumping on an exchange setting limit orders, stop losses, and trying to apply some technical analysis to the chart is a daunting task. The fact is, most people just don’t want to do this. As much as I love Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency ecosystem, I don’t even really like doing it …

Binance America Now Open; How It Compares To Other US Based Crypto Exchanges

top us based crypto exchanges kyc binance america open registration

Who loves KYC/AML raise your hands!!! Oh… no one? Not one person? Well, I don’t blame you. I am not a fan of these KYC/AML procedures that every United States based cryptocurrency exchange makes you go through. I understand that these are the current laws and I still respect that as much as I can …