How To Upgrade Your Robotech NFTs

How To Upgrade Your Robotech NFTs I remember growing up and watching this show on TV all the time! I open a bunch of Robotech packs and I show you how to craft them into super ultimate powerful mega-awesome versions of the cards with this quick tutorial. Craft ROBOTECH CARDS: [adrotate group=”6″] Until next time… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends!

Unbelievable How Much Free Bitcoin I Can Earn With This App (Cryptocurrency Passive Income)

Fold app I am blown away daily by how much free Bitcoin you can get from this app. These days, most credit cards offer some sort of cash back or rewards, but what reward can beat free Bitcoin? No matter what level of investor you are, absolute beginner to seasoned trader, the Fold app is an absolute life hack that crushes every other rewards program out there. TRY FOLD APP: [adrotate group=”6″] Until next time… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends

How To Do NFT Drops On WAX Blockchain (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

nft drops wax blockchain create make sales how to tutorial guide beginners I have been creating NFTs since 2018 and one of the most asked questions recently is how NFT creators on the WAX Blockchain can do what are called “NFT Drops” on the platform. NFT Drops on WAX are a way to automatically mint your NFTs on demand for a sale that is publicized across the AtomicHub network and makes it easy to sell your NFTs directly to those interested in the latest and greatest being created on the platform. In this tutorial I walk you through all the necessary steps! Below is some important info for this video: Add… Read More

Advanced NFT Creation Tips For WAX + IPFS + AtomicHub In this quick tutorial video I answer some of the most frequently asked questions I get from people that are just getting started making their own NFTs on the WAX Blockchain using the AtomicHub website. This video focuses on larger file upload, additional images, using mp4, creating “packs”, and more. Didn’t answer your advanced question? Leave it in the comments below. Use IPFS: [adrotate group=”6″] Buy ‘Stache NFT’s ► Join my community of “Stachers” to learn more about NFT investing. ►​ Until next time… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends!

How To Get A Custom WAX Username

custom wax blockchain username get how to As more and more creators are coming around to the almost limitless potential of NFT’s, I have started to get this question a lot in my Telegram group. How can we create our own custom WAX username? If you signed up for the WAX Cloud Wallet you may have realized you are just randomly assigned an account name. I show you how to get a custom WAX username and how to hold your own private keys at the same time! Download Anchor wallet: WAX Cloud Wallet: [adrotate group=”6″] Hope that quick tutorial helps you to get that… Read More

NFTs Have NO Value! Here Are The Top 3 Reasons You Are Dead Wrong…

nft nfts no value screenshot what gives them how to

As with any new asset class that requires the average person to rethink what “value” truly is, NFT’s are getting a very similar treatment as Bitcoin had for the first 10 years or so of it’s life (and still kind IS having). I show you the top 3 reasons why NFTs are HIGHLY valuable & debunk all the major hurdles that most beginners have when first learning about digital collectibles or NFTs. [adrotate group=”6″] Join my community of “Stachers” to learn more about NFT investing. ►​ More NFT fun coming your way, but until then… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends

How To Make NFT’s For Beginners (Cheaper Than On Ethereum) There is nothing quite like the creative process! Artists have always pushed the forefront of industry and technology because of their willingness to experiment. Today I show you how to make your own Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT’s using the WAX blockchain & Atomic Hub marketplace. Unlike Ethereum, transactions on WAX are free and instant and the only fees you will ever pay are to the marketplace you are selling. No more $80 fees for a $50 item! Get the FREE NFT you saw me make in this video here:​ [adrotate group=”6″] Buy WAX crypto here:​​ Create… Read More

Sell Your Music For 100x Industry Standards On Phantasma Musicians have been undervalued for… well, forever. Music is taken for granted in so many ways by so many corporations and predatory middle men that it has almost become accepted. STOP GIVING AWAY YOUR MUSIC FOR PENNIES! Today I show you how to mint music NFT’s and how they can sell for 100x the industry average for a song download. This cryptocurrency based system gives the power back to the artist with massive potential profits within reach. I have been a musician for most of my life and I have always struggled in selling my music, I truly believe… Read More

Secret Agent ‘Stache Blockchain Gaming Show Champions #PlayToEarn

secret agent stache blockchain game crypto cryptocurrency play to earn

As the pandemic really started to take hold in March of 2020, a time when my band would typically be playing lots of shows and my family and I going out on the weekends to our favorite theme park or nature hike, I got a similar itch that others got to do something different while in lock down.  So, I started streaming my favorite blockchain games as a secret agent and here we are now almost 1 year later! The Secret Agent ‘Stache show is all about how blockchain gaming is going to completely change how games are thought about… Read More

Trade DeFi Without Crazy High Ethereum Fees (Binance Smart Chain Intro) It’s been almost a year now since DeFi in cryptocurrency really started to take off and people are still making a killing in these decentralized finance (DeFi) markets, but the fees are INSANE! While Ethereum approaches all time highs so are the fees on the network. Even the most seasoned of degen traders are having trouble paying $60 for a $500 transaction! The fact is, the fees are out of control. In this video I show you the best up and coming smart contract alternative to Ethereum where trading DeFi tokens is cheap and booming. Binance Smart Chain is… Read More

Gods Unchained – How To Build WINNING Decks (Tutorial Guide)

gods unchained how to play deck building giveaway ccg tcg magic the gathering arena hearthstone runetera How to play Gods Unchained like a pro! In this tutorial I show you a proven strategy used by all the top players to build decks that win! I talk about how to pivot based on what cards you have and don’t have, and how understanding the overall deck strategy is key. If you are new to Gods Unchained, they you should watch some of my previous videos by going here to get a little more familiar. I also regularly stream GU on my Theta channel too! PLAY Gods Unchained FOR FREE: Click Here [adrotate group=”6″] Thanks to the… Read More

How To Use Beginners Tutorial (Earn Free TFUEL Crypto!)

how to use earn TFUEL incent prize predictions giveaway cryptocurrency free

With so many newcomers to the Theta network, I put together this short tutorial that shows you all the main features and how to use them effectively. Earn free TFUEL cryptocurrency, enter in predictions for prizes, manage your inventory and engage with your favorite content creators. I have chosen to move my life streams to the Theta platform for many reasons, but the biggest one is I really love the community. On top of a great community they are also a crypto based platform, so it just makes so much sense! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: With the addition of… Read More