Another Great In-Person Bitcoin Beginners Class With The ‘Stache

I really love being able to connect with people on a personal level while helping them to understand the wide world of cryptocurrency. If you follow my journey you know that I do quarterly in-person Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency beginners classes in my hometown of Long Beach, CA. I find that there are a lot of people out there that don’t want to sit and watch hours & hours of video and would prefer to have their questions answered in a live setting.  I had another fantastic group of beginners this past weekend who took their first steps towards their financial… Read More

Registration For In-Person Bitcoin Beginners Class Jan. 20th NOW OPEN!

My step-by-step course is aimed at the absolute beginner in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. I personally walk you through everything you need to know in a hands-on classroom where we have fun & questions are always encouraged. Even those with some familiarity with Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency will find a wealth of new tips, tricks, and resources to increase their portfolio. Cryptocurrency IS the future and I can help you to navigate the world of Cryptocurrency so you can get started down the road to financial freedom. This explosive industry is being driven by a technology that is as revolutionary as the automobile… Read More

November Beginners Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Class Recap & Upcoming Bitcoin Classes!

My goal with The has always been to help people to better understand what Bitcoin is and how it works. This can sometimes be quite the uphill battle, but I do enjoy bringing solid knowledge to those that want to learn. While I talk about investing in Bitcoin and that you can make some decent profits, I really try to focus on the magic of blockchain technology. I try to keep it technical (but not TOO technical!) and focused on this amazing new way of keeping records, but sometimes I still feel l like that guy peddling the “magic… Read More

Attend My Los Angeles Based Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency For Beginners Course

Do you live in the Southern California area? If so, I would love for you to attend my next Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency for Beginners course! This is an in-person course where I show you Step-by-Step how to get started trading Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies in a hands-on classroom environment.  Date: Click here for details on the next class! | Location: Long Beach, California | Cost: $85 (This includes $10 in FREE cryptocurrency) SPACE IS VERY LIMITED!!! (Only Accepting 20 Students Max) Have you heard the term “Bitcoin” but have no idea what it really is or how it works? Maybe you have heard… Read More