Crypto Taxes Interview With Node 40 Tax Software

how to file cryptocurrency taxes I dive into crypto taxes with Sean & Perry from Node 40, who are 2 software engineers that have created a great platform for tracking your cryptocurrency taxes across multiple platforms and wallets with their Node 40 Balance crypto tax software. We talk about crypto taxes in general, what the real challenges are in trying to keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio and tax implications, and talk about their software Node 40 BALANCE. [adrotate group=”6″] More great crypto content coming at you soon, but until then… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends!

US Taxes & Cryptocurrency; Do The Bitcoin Tax Hokey Pokey

Bitcoin Taxes IRS filing requirements

Don’t say it! Don’t say the “T” word! Ok, I must admit, this is an article that I have been dreading writing and I have put off time and time again, but taxes are my least favorite thing in the entire world. Big thanks to Ray B. for requesting this topic & lighting a fire under my arse! Taxes are always hard to swallow and unfortunately the US Government wants to tax your Bitcoin as well. Follow along as I break down how to deal with cyrptocurrencies and taxes in the US in a simple and easy to understand way. … Read More