Flipping Profits On FREE BAT Tokens From Brave Browser (No Exchange Needed)

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https://youtu.be/wFdiAiBAZr4 It’s no secret that my favorite browser is the Brave browser. I have been talking about it for years now and it is by far the most secure and privacy focused option out there (GOODBYE CHROME!). One of the best features is that you can earn free cryptocurrency called BAT tokens for opting into their ad network. You get popups for ads and clicking on them earns you small amounts of BAT. Until now, you had to send this BAT to your Uphold wallet and THEN to an exchange if you wanted to get value out of it. I… Read More

Google Chrome Browser Is Dead… Long Live Brave Browser!

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Like many people, I have been an avid user of Google Chrome since it came out in 2008. The Google Chrome web browser is currently the most popular browser in the world as it occupies about 67% of the market as of October 2019 so it’s damn popular. Regardless of what the statistics say, I am now officially declaring the Google Chrome Browser to be DEAD… here’s why. Why I Won’t Use Google Chrome Anymore They want all your data.  Let me clarify this a bit. Google makes solid products, but like most companies these days they make a profit on… Read More

Brave Browser Rolls Out Opt-In Ads Network That Pays You In BAT To View Ads While Surfing

Brave Ads Network is Live to earn BAT free

I have been using the Brave Browser for almost 2 years now and it is by far the best browser out right now. Ditch your Chrome or Safari browser and install Brave! There are multiple reasons to do this (i’ll get to the ads network in a second), which include native ad blocking, tracking blocker, secure Tor tabs, does not collect your persona data, faster than Chrome, and you can support your favorite websites & content creators with the Brave Rewards system every month simply by visiting their websites and have a few BAT in your built in wallet. If that’s… Read More

Brave Browser Uses BAT To Pay You To Watch Ads; Support Your Favorite Content With Basic Attention Tokens Too!

https://youtu.be/5L2sIjLEmKE In the Age of Information the ones that can collect, package, & quantify the data they collect on you as you use their free platform *cough* Facebook, Google, Cambridge Analytica *cough* the more money they can generate. This happens mostly without your knowledge, but at some point you might have even given your consent without realizing it (yay for complex 100 page TOS’s!). Privacy is a tricky beast these days, but not every company is out to steal your data for profits, which is why I love the Brave browser! Follow The ‘Stache as I break down exactly how… Read More

Avast Ye Scurvy Dog! How “Crypto Pirates” Are Hijacking Your Browser To Mine Monero

Over the past few years the cryptocurrency world has truly exploded. There are hundreds of crypto-based projects in the works and the applications for blockchain technology seems almost limitless. In this fast-moving world there is always an abundance of creativity that spurs new directions that we just don’t see coming and that list now includes pirates… That’s right! This year we have seen the first true “Crypto Pirates” hit the digital scene and they be after yer Monero matey! The Curse Of The Javascript Miner In-browser mining of cryptocurrency is a thing. It is a really real thing, and it… Read More