Bitcoin Dollar Cost Averaging; The Best Way To Invest In Cryptocurrency

dollar cost averaging bitcoin cryptocurrency dca BCA

For the average investor, jumping on an exchange setting limit orders, stop losses, and trying to apply some technical analysis to the chart is a daunting task. The fact is, most people just don’t want to do this. As much as I love Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency ecosystem, I don’t even really like doing it those things either. If you are like me, and you are more of an investor (not a day trader that loves looking at charts for 14+ hours a day) looking to get some exposure or diversify a bit into Bitcoin, the best way is using… Read More

Coinbase Update: New Token Listings, 12 Days Of Coinbase, & Should You Still Be Using Them?


It’s amazing to look back just one year from today on some of the articles I have written. Many of them still stand the test of time and my guides on how to use Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, and avoid fees is still a very popular one! Even though we have been in a Bear Market (term for a downtrend in the markets, what you didn’t know that? See my glossary of terms here), Coinbase has still been building and launching support for more tokens and high grade services for institutions. The days of hype surrounding the launch of a token… Read More

0x Protocol Overview & How The ZRX Token Works On The Platform Here is a quick overview of how the 0x protocol works and exactly what functions the ZRX token has on the platform. Since Coinbase announced they are looking into possibly adding this token I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick overview so people could get a basic understanding of what the project is about. [adrotate group=”6″] Hopefully this video has helped you to gain a little insight into the project and the reasons you might want to be invested before Coinbase decides to add them to their trading platform. I have been a fan… Read More

Buying Crypto On Coinbase With ZERO FEES!

A video revisit to one of my most popular articles from 2017 about this Coinbase trick that will save you on the fees. If you use my method you can deposit USD, transfer to Coinbase Pro, and buy BTC with very low fees (it used to be ZERO fees, but as of March 22nd 2019 they increased the Maker fees to 0.15%). Roll that beautiful crypto footage! (UPDATE: Coinbase Pro has recently increased their trading fees so much that I can no longer recommend them! The new fees are now 0.5% and some of the highest in the entire crypto… Read More

Bitcoin Cash Now Available On Coinbase! Here Is Why I Don’t Care…

It finally happened! We have been waiting for quite some time for Coinbase to announce the addition of a new coin to their platform. They have been dodging the question as to when and if they would add a new coin to the platform for a while now. Based on their past performance and what they have recently said I had a feeling that BCH was going to be the next coin listed as they originally talked about support for it (in some way) when it was first created.  To The Moon I first saw the announcement on their Coinbase… Read More

Stepping Up The Game: Coinbase To Add Instant Cryptocurrency Purchases From Your Bank

No matter what company you use to do your initial conversion of fiat to crypto it is either inconvenient (credit card fees are crazy high and very low limits) or it takes foreeeeever to deposit (bank ACH transfer is about 5 business days). This is about to change in a huge way! Cryptocurrency has made some major strides this year and there is a flood of beginners and newcomers into the Bitcoin & crypto markets. Of course, the first challenge is setting up a wallet (which I talk about in this article) and then exchanging your fiat (USD, EUR, etc)… Read More

Top Cryptocurrency Resources For Absolute Beginners

If this ‘stache has taught me anything, it’s that knowledge is power friends! That is why I decided to get my mustache a-twirling and jot down all my top cryptocurrency resources for absolute beginners in one place. I talk about a lot of these on my blog regularly, but I wanted to get all the BEST ones in one post. Follow along as I lay out my favorite resources for news, social, stats, exchanges, & wallets. The News I really think this is one of the most important aspect of cryptocurrency. Most of the volatility is driven by news &… Read More

This Coinbase Trick Will Save You On The Fees

Since I got started in Bitcoin in early 2014 I have had an account over at Coinbase. They are a US based company and they have been established as one of the most trusted sites out there. While there certainly is a love hate relationship some people have with them, their platform is solid and great for beginners in cryptocurrency. I will show you a quick trick to save on the fees from Coinbase, but still take advantage of the platform. But The FEES! While I am a fan of Coinbase as a great place to start off when first… Read More

A Lesson In How NOT To Move Your Assets Around

Wow! What a crazy time to be in cryptocurrency! This last month has been quite the whirlwind in the markets mostly due to the Bitcoin Cash fork. Everyone was talking about it leading up to the Aug 1st deadline and what would happen and then it all happened and I LOST out on a good amount of free Bitcoin Cash because I was perhaps TOO diligently guarding my funds. Keep reading to see how NOT to move your assets around and lose out like I did. The Security Blanket For weeks all I saw on social media (especially on Steemit)… Read More

Coinbase Is Still The Best; Here Is Why…

A recent announcement by Coinbase that they will not be supporting the possible fork of Bitcoin looming on August 1st has some people concerned about their holdings there or Coinbase as a platform in general, but Coinbase is still the best wallet out there for beginners in the cryptoworld and here is why; it caters to a mainstream audience. Bitcoin For The Masses! The way I look at it is, the more people you can get into the cryptocurrency world and understanding the amazing technology behind the Blockchain the more in control people are of their money and the future… Read More

Make The First Move; Owning My Own Keys

Since I made my first (and only… YET!) crypto purchase to date it has been sitting over at Coinbase for the last 2 and a half years. At the time of purchasing, I had no idea you could keep your own keys without having to have an online wallet. With the impending changes to Bitcoin, the Steemit cryptocurrency threads have been talking about the subject of wallets (paper, hardware, hot, cold, etc!) quite a lot and it really lit a fire under my ass to research the different types of wallets and what it all means for my Bitcoin. After… Read More