Creating Community At World Crypto Con & Everything I Did!

Cryptocurrency conventions & meetups

Recently I made it out to World Crypto Con in Las Vegas for 2 days of panels, talks, booths, friends, and even a little fun with the family! I really enjoy these cryptocurrency conventions, but I do have a few gripes as well (namely the price!). I feel really lucky and grateful that the fine folks of WCC invited me out to their event as a VIP and I wanted to do a quick recap of all that I saw and did while I was there! Follow along with The ‘Stache as I take you through my weekend of meeting… Read More

The ‘Stache Invades Crypto Invest Summit; What I Saw & What You Missed!

All good conventions in LA begin about the same way, with sitting in traffic on the 110, 101, or the 405 at some point! This was, of course the case as I headed downtown Los Angeles to Crypto Invest Summit at the LA Convention Center. If you follow my journey here you know that I have been writing about all the things I was excited to see and do at this falls event and I was not disappointed. Check out all the trouble I got into at CIS and day-by-day review of the event and keynote speakers! Crypto Invest Summit… Read More

Crypto Invest Summit 2018 Preview & Speakers Overview Getting excited for Crypto Invest Summit 2018 here in Los Angeles. I will be there both Tuesday & Wednesday and I go over what I am most excited to see at the event and I explore a little of the schedule with you to find a couple of the key stand out panels you won’t want to miss! If you see me at the summit make sure to stop me and say hi! I love meeting & talking with the people who support me so don’t be shy! [adrotate group=”6″] ‘Stache That Crypto Friends!

The “Woz”, Steve Wozniak, Add As Keynote Speaker For Crypto Invest Summit LA

The Woz is coming to Los Angeles!  I have been a big fan of Steve Wozniak since the Oregon Trail days and there are few in the tech world that can compare to his contributions in my opinion. I grew up an Apple fan using some of the first computers that my elementary school ever purchased and I still recall staring at that tiny Apple II screen with it’s sandy tan exteriors for hours on end. It was the first computer I ever used and I was instantly hooked… Caulk The Wagon & Float Across While my Oregon Trail days… Read More

Tim Draper Coming To Los Angeles Crypto Invest Summit For Fireside Chat

At the last Crypto Invest Summit I could only attend 1 day of the event and I missed the great kickoff party too! While I was able to catch some great speakers and panels at the sold out CIS (over 4,000 in attendance) earlier this year, I missed the fireside chat with legendary investor Tim Draper. Well I get a second chance! Crypto Invest Summit was such a big success that they are expanding the conference size and will be back at the LA Convention Center October 22nd – 24th. As luck would have it, Tim Draper is speaking again… Read More

Join The ‘Stache At The Crypto Invest Summit LA Oct 22-24th

When I first got into cryptocurrency I did it without telling anyone, no announcement on social media, heck I didn’t even tell my girlfriend! This was in 2013. I had a little extra income and KNEW that Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency (and blockchain tech!) was going to be a huge part of the future. Fast forward to today and now I help beginners coming into the space get the right basic information they need by writing on my blog, making videos, and even hosting in-person crash courses! Even with all that it took me a while to get comfortable enough to… Read More

‘Staching Around The Crypto Invest Summit LA

I have never really liked going to conventions. I have gone to a decent amount in my time, for various industries (tech, web, music, architecture), and overall I just never seemed to get as much from them as I expected to. When I started really diving into the cryptocurrency world, I figured my experiences would be pretty much the same, but I was dead wrong! I attended the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles this week and I really enjoyed it. I felt like these are “my type of people”, where I guess I never really felt that way at… Read More