Chain Clash Game Review – Bitcoin VS Bitcoin Cash VS EOS VS ETH VS Tron! Got a favorite crypto? Love it SO much that you just want the other coins to go to zero? Instead of taking to Twitter to vent your crypto tribalistic frustrations, now you can just take them out on other players in the new Chain Clash game! I take a look at the Chain Clash mobile game where you pick your favorite clan (cryptocurrency project) and create your Avatar to fight in the arena for fortune and glory! I walk you through all the game play, strategy, NFT’s, and more. PLAY CHAIN CLASH HERE [adrotate group=”6″] Hope to see you… Read More

IOST News Review – Crushing ETH, TRX, & EOS! So much IOST news to go over! I look at exactly how IOST is crushing it’s competition in Ethereum, Tron, and EOS. We look at the iUSD stablecoin launch & an awesome IOST giveaway where you can win up to 7k IOST and get free tokens to play dapps. ENTER THE COINGECKO CONTEST TO WIN IOST! VOTE FOR MY IOST NODE! [adrotate group=”6″] I cover all the latest IOST cryptocurrency news from this week & explore the recent price action the IOS token has seen! More IOST news and reviews coming at you soon, but until next… Read More

Is EOS Over Hyped? A Simple Guide To Mainnet Launch

I have been an investor in EOS since August of 2017 and I will have to say that initially I bought in because of the hype… I know, I know, don’t fall for the hype! The fact is that I did indeed buy EOS my first time because it was hyped up, and while this typically does not end well, with the mainnet launch eminent and the coin heading up in price I certainly got lucky with this one. Since there is so much going on in the EOS world lately I decided to do a beginners introduction to what… Read More

How To Register Your EOS Tokens With Exodus Wallet

Moving in to the 2nd quarter of 2018 seems a little surreal. While things were certainly slowing down in the cryptocurrency world, the last few months slipped by quickly for me and now I find myself looking towards the summer! Thinking about this, I realized that one of my favorite coins, EOS, would be launching it’s mainnet this summer. To make sure you get your actual EOS tokens ( I will cover this below), you need to register them prior to the launch of their main net. Follow The ‘Stache as I show you how to simply and easily register… Read More

Diversifying My Cryptocurrency Portfolio; Not A Good Idea

Diversify! Diversify! Diversify! are the cries I seem to hear many times over when it comes to cryptocurrency. It seems like everyone on Steemit preaches this at one point or another and it is solid investment advice right? Looking at the bloodbath that is the crypto market at the time of writing this one would think no, that’s NOT a good idea… You could easily argue that the price of most Altcoins mostly follow what is going on with the mighty Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is down a good percentage, then it seems most of the Altcoins are also down. When… Read More