Give. Get. Stack. Interview with Give Bitcoin Founder Cory Klippsten

give bitcoin gift interview cory klippsten crypto invest summit cis la While at the recent Crypto Invest Summit I had a chance to sit down with the founder of Give Bitcoin, Cory Klippsten. We dive into exactly what problem they are solving, how easy they are making giving the gift of Bitcoin for the average joe, and exactly how the platform engages you over time as the recipient with things like a time lock features & regular educational content. This is a GREAT way to give Bitcoin as a gift this holiday to all your “pre-coiner” friends and family! Check them out here and support my work at the same… Read More

Bitcoin Gift Ideas For Cryptocurrency Fans This Christmas

Looking for that unique gift idea that you just couldn’t score at the mall or get delivered by the almighty Amazon? While many people may just go with a gift card or even send cold hard cash as a last minute gift, why not consider giving the gift of Bitcoin this holiday season? Cryptocurrency popularity is on the rise among young adults and teens and can make for a great conversation piece around the holiday dinner table that can even be educational! If you are looking for easy ways to send someone Bitcoin as a holiday gift this Christmas you… Read More

Last Minute Gifts: Top 5 Ways To Give The Gift Of Bitcoin

When the gift giving gets tough the tough turn to Bitcoin! Tis the season to give gifts to our favorite humans and it seems that no matter how much I try and remember every little thing that someone wants or needs I always fail. I should probably start writing myself some notes so I don’t end up like I did the other day, just wandering around the mall without any direction or thought. Like a holiday zombie looking for “gift brains” to munch on in a sea of other holiday zombies all vying for the same feeling of “completeness”. We… Read More