Atari Token Sale Ahead Of New VCS Console Launch (Pre-sale Discount!)

atari vcs gaming console wax sandbox game token sale coin Retro gaming is a thing, its a HUGE thing! While I actually grew up playing what are now considered “retro” games, there are so many gamers out there that have yet to discover the awesomeness of throwback titles from the 80’s and early 90’s. Atari is not only coming back in a big way with the launch of their new console the Atari VCS, but they are also jumping into blockchain technology too. They have secured some great partnerships like The Sandbox Game, WAX, and some other favorites, but now it’s time that they roll out their gaming platform… Read More

Cryptocoin Insurance To Protect Against Options Fall There has never been much talk about insurance in the crypto world but this project is going to be matching 2 needs by creating a crypto options exchange that repackages their insurance fall from those options. I decided to take a quick look at a project that is looking to change that in a few ways by combining options contracts with insurance. CryptoCoin Insurance is gearing up for their ICO, but is this coin really going the distance? Here is a great example: “A client pays insurance in the amount of 0.1 Bitcoin for the deposit in the amount… Read More

What Is Moolya Coin? ICO Review & Guide Today I look at a new ICO that is hitting the market called Moolya Coin. They are trying to create an “ecosytem of ecosystems” for the Startup and Entrepreneur B2B space. This is a quick review of this project to give you a quick idea of exactly what they are trying to create here.  [adrotate group=”6″] As always do your own research, but until next time… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends!

Atlantico Network Review – Medical Blockchain Ecosystem I don’t often dive into the medical meets blockchain world very often, but there are some great applications for the tech in this industry. Applying blockchain to a specific industry is all about increasing efficiency and transparency and this project seems to recognize that. Follow The ‘Stache as I break down the Atlantico Network and how it intends to solve problems in the medical world. [adrotate group=”6″] ‘Stache That Crypto Friends!

Why Can’t I Play Too? ICO Investing 101 For US Customers

Recently I have done some very low key live chats with a few of my followers on a couple of different topics. The latest one was about ICO investing for US Residents. It’s almost impossible! There was some great chat on this topic, as well as regulation and more. Hopefully I can do a few more of these in the near future as I had a lot of fun. I decided to upload the video of this chat and hopefully it will help others too!

All Hail The Crypto Oracles; XYO Offers Location Based Decentralized Oracle Network

  Diving deeper into the crypto rabbit-hole, I run across a ton of interesting projects and learn more and more about blockchain and associated technologies. If you step back and look at the greater cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole you start to see a lot more going on than it seems. If you are still working on figuring out the basics of Bitcoin and how it really works, you might consider consulting The Oracle… Visions of two pale blue sphinx statues standing guard on either side of a young Atreyu, ready to look within and face his own demons &… Read More

Best ICO Rating & Review Websites For Initial Coin Offering Research

Getting started in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin presents a pretty damn steep learning curve. I try to help as many people navigate the basics as I can so they can start off on the RIGHT foot instead of losing their shirt immediately because they were not well informed. Once you get past the learning hurdles of cryptocurrency and start to diversify your investments beyond Bitcoin, it is no doubt that an interesting or overly-hyped ICO will come across your path. If there is anything MORE confusing and full of bear traps than the inner workings of Bitcoin it is certainly the… Read More

Autonomous Vehicles Are Coming Sooner Than You Think & They May Prefer Payment In DAV

If you follow me regularly or know me personally then you know that I love tech & gaming stuff like robotics, green tech, MMORPG’s, and of course anything autonomous! A self-driving car has been a sci-fantasy for longer than I have been on this watery rock, and we are getting closer and closer to this reality. The new Tesla models have a very good auto pilot feature, Google has been testing and developing self-drive tech for years already, and Uber is poised to have one of the first self-driving autonomous fleets of cars in the US. This transportation revolution is… Read More

What If Fans Made The Calls During The “Big Game”? The FCFL Puts YOU In Full Control

With the “big game” just a few weeks away it’s no doubt that I will end up at yet another game day party. You know the one. A bunch of your friends stuffed into a buddies tiny apartment (taken up mostly by his 60 inch TV) where you survive on bean dip & Coronas until the pizza gets there. The room bursts into an uproar as your team botches a huge play and you start to think even YOU could do better than this bonehead coach. That is exactly what the Fan Controlled Football League is going to give you…. Read More

Stay Warm AND Control Your Data With Loomia

Wearable tech has certainly come a long way in the last 10 years in my opinion. I remember the first time I saw those sweet sweet L.A. Gear light up shoes and I just HAD to have them. I never got those shoes, but since then we have seen tons of kids shoes light up as well as led’s on shirts, workout devices like Fitbit and even just recently the development of “smart fabric” by a company called Loomia that collects data straight from the clothing we wear. With the rise of the “Internet of Things” or IoT, we are… Read More

What In The WAX Is That? Review & ICO

When it comes to online technologies there are a few major industries that drive the majority of innovations. Porn comes to mind as a huge driver of online tech (don’t get me started on the puns!), but one of the fastest growing industries seems to not get the attention they deserve when it comes to advancements in online technology. The gaming industry has had a hand in tons of major advancements in online tech, but it is a world that, unless you are a gamer, you probably have no idea how huge it really is. As we see a major… Read More

There Will Only Ever Be 21 Million Bitcoins; What Is A Coin “Hard Cap”?

Why are there only 21 million Bitcoins?

People ask me almost every day, “What gives Bitcoin value?” While I have written articles exclusively about what gives BTC value, one major aspect that I wanted to expand on is the fact that there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin in existence. This what we call a “hard cap” or maximum supply and it plays a pretty large part in the valuation of a cryptocurrency. The hard cap can not be changed, it is part of Bitcoin’s core features and code. The creator of Bitcoin, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, created Bitcoin with a maximum supply of 21 million… Read More