The Fall & Rise of $MEME token – Interview w/ Founder Jordan Lyall

meme token coin dont buy interview jordan lyall founder nft defi

The crypto world moves VERY fast and nothing demonstrates that more than what has been happening in the DeFi space over this summer, in particular with the pioneer of NFT-based DeFi; MEME token. I talk with my friend Jordan Lyall about,  the crazy way this token came to life, the struggles it has had,  the …

The Future of The Sandbox Game – Interview w/ Sébastien Borget (COO)

sebastien borget interview sandbox game sand land how to buy

I talk with Sébastien Borget, the COO of The Sandbox Game, which is similar in style to Minecraft, but has more elements of Roblox combined with item and asset ownership and the earning potential of blockchain tech. We talk about the game, major companies and brands like Atari, Binance, and Care Bears coming to the …

‘Stache My Crypto 23 – The Rise of Decentralized Markets with Devin Finzer

stache my crypto podcast devin finzer opensea open sea nft cryptocurrency

Online marketplaces are nothing new so why does a “decentralized” market make any difference? With places like eBay and Amazon sucking up every last dollar they can from your purchases, they are also sucking up your data among other things. I talk with my guest Devin Finzer, founder of, a decentralized marketplace for digital …