Is This NFT Land Sales Worth Investing In? (Alien Worlds)

Virtual Land sales are quickly becoming “the next hot thing” in NFT sales these days. While I have been talking about NFT based land games for a while now, the game I feature today is one that I have not mentioned on my channel before. The latest land sale coming out from Alien Worlds has some unique features. See if I am ready to buy or letting pass by! [adrotate group=”6″] More great NFT reviews and content coming soon, until then… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends

How To Use Uniswap Tutorial For Beginners (Buying & Providing Liquidity for SAND)

Using Uniswap can be confusing and best, and may leave you broke (due to high fees) at worst if you don’t know what you are doing. In this short tutorial, I show you how to buy on Uniswap & how to provide liquidity on Uniswap for passive income. While I have tried to make this topic as simple and straightforward for beginners, fully understanding this popular decentralized exchange is still fairly complicated.  I talk about: Pitfalls & mistakes you want to avoid How to find coins NOT on the list How to monitor the fees you are paying A few… Read More

Earn Free Gaming and Art Blockchain NFT’s With Grow Your Base

nft nifty free earn gyb grow your base blockchain gaming art token review 2020 best

Digital collectibles are HOT! I truly believe they are the next big thing in cryptocurrency, but for the average person they can be quite confusing to understand let alone purchase and manage them well. These types of “barrier to entry” are what we are trying to reduce in the blockchain gaming world and today I highlight a company called Grow Your Base that is trying to help change that.  While everyone is getting the rug pulled out from under them with crazy DeFi projects like SUSHI & YAMS, I am going to show you a site where you can earn… Read More

Crypto Bullrun Post-COVID Travel Will Pump This Coin!

crypto hotel stay buy travala ava token passive income rewards bull run covid

I love to travel! I have made it as much a part of my normal life as I can because there is truly something special about taking in the culture, language, & people of a totally different country. Globally, people have been on lock down for months and while summer time is typically the big travel season, many have canceled their travel plans. I show you why I am bullish on this crypto travel company that is set to explode once bullrun profits flow from crypto and people are ready to travel once again! I know that I am ready… Read More

Flipping Profits On FREE BAT Tokens From Brave Browser (No Exchange Needed)

brave browser chrome best privacy bat basic attention token free ad network tap gift cards cryptocurrency

It’s no secret that my favorite browser is the Brave browser. I have been talking about it for years now and it is by far the most secure and privacy focused option out there (GOODBYE CHROME!). One of the best features is that you can earn free cryptocurrency called BAT tokens for opting into their ad network. You get popups for ads and clicking on them earns you small amounts of BAT. Until now, you had to send this BAT to your Uphold wallet and THEN to an exchange if you wanted to get value out of it. I show… Read More

Staking Passive Income Profits With TELOS (Beginners Intro 2020)

Telos is an up-and-coming blockchain that has amazing staking rewards and has made a ton of improvements over chains like EOS when it comes to DAPP development and community governance. I walk you through the entire ecosystem, show you why it could potentially crush its competition, and the basics of staking your TLOS on the Telos network. I first discovered Telos because they are using similar technology as WAX and both coins are DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake), which means you can make some great cryptocurrency passive income returns through staking your coins on the network and voting! Get a… Read More

MyCointainer Masternode & Staking Platform Review

I take a look at the MyCointainer staking and masternode platform that attempts to make it mainstream easy to get passive income from cryptocurrency for beginners and seasoned trades alike. Tired of using a million wallets for staking all your coins? Then check out this website as a possible solution. They have a MASSIVE list of coins that you can stake or get masternode rewards from including: Energi, Qtum, Divi, Rapids, Waves, Pivx, Startis, Bitcoin One, Bitcoin Turbo Koin, BitGreen, CloakCoin, ColossusXT, Electra, ExclusiveCoin, Metrix Coin, Monetary Unit, NavCoin, Neblio, Particl, Peercoin, Polis, Radium, Safeinsure, SmartCash, Social Send, Solaris, Stealth,… Read More

Best Cryptocurrency Staking Platforms To Generate Passive Income In 2020

best top crypto cryptocurrency staking proof of pos coins tokens platform website pool passive income returns

I know I know, everyone “says” they have the secret to passive income (the holy grail of income sources), but one of the things I have always liked about cryptocurrency is that it does give you some great avenues for passive income like other investment vehicles. In the stock market you can earn passive income with dividends. If you are not familiar with dividends they are small , passive, payments, made by a corporation to its stockholders. In the crypto market it works in a somewhat similar manner, so follow along with the ‘Stache while I show you the some… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 13: Passive Income With Masternodes & Proof of Stake With Nick Saponaro

'stache my crypto cryptocurrency podcast passive income

While most people probably know a little about how Bitcoin works using “Proof of Work” (even if they don’t know the term), there are some great new projects that use the Proof of Stake method. In this episode my guest Nick Saponaro from the DIVI projects talks about Masternodes and how they work in a Proof of Stake environment and why they are a good opportunity to earn passive income in cryptocurrency. We get into how a Masternode works, and look to the future of what they might hold in such a young niche industry within the cryptocurrency space.  … Read More

Brave Browser Rolls Out Opt-In Ads Network That Pays You In BAT To View Ads While Surfing

Brave Ads Network is Live to earn BAT free

I have been using the Brave Browser for almost 2 years now and it is by far the best browser out right now. Ditch your Chrome or Safari browser and install Brave! There are multiple reasons to do this (i’ll get to the ads network in a second), which include native ad blocking, tracking blocker, secure Tor tabs, does not collect your persona data, faster than Chrome, and you can support your favorite websites & content creators with the Brave Rewards system every month simply by visiting their websites and have a few BAT in your built in wallet. If that’s… Read More