‘Stache My Crypto 23 – The Rise of Decentralized Markets with Devin Finzer

stache my crypto podcast devin finzer opensea open sea nft cryptocurrency

Online marketplaces are nothing new so why does a “decentralized” market make any difference? With places like eBay and Amazon sucking up every last dollar they can from your purchases, they are also sucking up your data among other things. I talk with my guest Devin Finzer, founder of Opensea.io, a decentralized marketplace for digital collectibles. We talk about how decentralized markets are pushing adoption, how he started Opensea, the NFT scene as it stands, and what the future of online marketplaces like Opensea will look like.        [adrotate group=”6″] Prefer to watch the video? https://youtu.be/iIvK1NViQrg Links From… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 22 – Financial Inclusion & Navigating Adversity In Crypto with Catherine Coley

stache my crypto podcast 22 catherine coley ceo binance us exchange crypto cryptocurrency bitcoin

In traditional investing markets the only way to truly be “included” in everything is to have a high net worth and deemed an accredited investor. One of the great things about cryptocurrency is we don’t have those same kinds of exclusionary rules.  Financial inclusion plays a large part of what Bitcoin is all about & I talk with Binance.us CEO Catherine Coley all about how she is helping to make this a reality here in the United States. Despite the massive amount of adversity any US exchange has to face, her and the team at Binance.us are tackling it head… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 21 – Bitcoin 2020 Conference; Pushing Adoption Through Conversations

stache my crypto podcast cryptocurrency bitcoin conference 2020

There are few things I like talking about more than Bitcoin! I think having real world conversations with people, especially those new to cryptocurrency, has the biggest impact on changing the paradigm of “sound money”. In this episode, I talk with Brandon Green from the Bitcoin 2020 Conference in San Francisco. We talk about the event, highlight some speakers like Tony Hawk, and even drop some hints to some unannounced speakers. All this really leads into our conversation about Bitcoin as a while and where it is going in the future.  Why spend USD in space or on Mars when… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 20 – Setting Industry Standards For Crypto Adoption With David Gold

stache my crypto podcast david gold fio protocol dapix

When a new industry starts to emerge we eventually see a set of standards agreed upon by the community at large. In a similar fashion to the beginnings of the internet, cryptocurrency is ripe for industry wide standards that can push forward the ecosystem as a whole. I talk with David Gold, the CEO of Dapix which is the company behind the FIO protocol. To say that they are just making wallet addresses human readable is quite the understatement when they are really solving some fundamental issues with blockchain interoperability.  Setting industry standards is not an easy task, but with… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 19 – Using Art To Bridge The Bitcoin Gap With Coldie

stache my crypto 19 coldie artist bitcoin art

Art has always been at the forefront of major movement throughout time. We explore our creativity in more and more interesting ways that helps to connect us to our surrounding world. I talk with local artist Coldie on creating art in a production environment versus expressing your freedom, how art plays a vital role in the story of Bitcoin, and we talk 3D as well as VR art creation!         [adrotate group=”6″] Want to watch the video instead? https://youtu.be/W_-KSnR8t20 Links From The Show See Coldie’s art on his website Follow Coldie on Twitter Hope you enjoyed another… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 18 – Passively Stacking Sats Using Lolli’s Bitcoin Back Program With Alex Adelman

'Stache My Crypto 18 - Passively Stacking Sats Using Lolli's Bitcoin Back Program With Alex Adelman

Today I talk with Lolli CEO Alex Adelman about their Bitcoin back program, merchant adoption, passively stacking satoshis using their app, and some really cool things on the horizon for the Lolli team in terms of partnerships and more! If you are looking for a stupid simple way to earn some Bitcoin by shopping at the places you already shop then using the Lolli program is the best way to go. It’s great for beginners to get their feet wet with Bitcoin and open them up to a whole new world of financial freedom! Ready to give Lolli a try?… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 17 – Tokenizing Entire Gaming Worlds In AlterVerse

'stache my crypto podcast alterverse game scot kinney ceo interview

Gaming and blockchain are a match made in heaven and the potential for fully tokenized virtual worlds is practically limitless. Imagine owning an entire world that was a game server where you got passive income from sales and transactions occurring on your game world/server by other players. All made possible by the magic of blockchain. I talk about all these things that AlterVerse is bringing to the gaming scene with the CEO and Founder Scot Kinney. We cover all the aspects of the over 15 different games coming to this “multiverse within a multiverse” all backed by Enjin assets that… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 16 – Why Bitcoin Is A Rock N’ Roll F*%k You To Authority

peter mccormack what bitcoin did podcast guest host

In so many ways, Bitcoin has always been a political statement and a rallying call for those that see beyond the smoke and mirrors of finance and authority. That same challenge to authority is something I always loved about Rock music too, and Bitcoin certainly is a financial rock star! This week I talk with fellow crypto podcaster Peter McCormack from the What Bitcoin Did podcast & the infamous Craig Wright (aka Faketoshi) law suit bullshite. We talk about Bitcoin, authority, privacy, Craig Wright crying in court, our favorite rock n’ roll bands and how it helped shape each of… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 15: How Blockchain Gaming Is Set To Explode In 2020 With Enjin’s Andy Anderson

enjin blockchain gaming crypto games andy anderson square enix final fantasy 7 remake forgotten artifacts alterverse

Gaming and blockchain are a prefect match! I have been a gamer since WAAAaay before it was cool and now that I am also in the cryptocurrency space the melding of the two makes so much sense. Gaming IS going to lead the way to mass adoption of blockchain and companies like Enjin are already ahead of the curve. I talk with Andy Anderson the blockchain development strategists from Enjin about their vision, the Ready Player One style multiverse they are helping to build, scaling on Ethereum for game developers, and how bigger companies like Square Enix might just be… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 14: Why Crypto Is The Best Form Of Sound Money

stache my crypto cryptocurrency podcast passive income smartcash

Since the inception of fiat currency there really has never been an alternative or option to using a government back currency as a medium of exchange. Thanks to cryptocurrency that is all changing. I talk with my guest Chris Karabats, aka Zaphoid about why crypto is the best form or sound money. We get into the hurdles that exist in actually using crypto to pay for goods & services as well as the SmartCash project that Zaphoid is a part of.          [adrotate group=”6″] Want to watch the video instead? https://youtu.be/aaUHaFc9WKQ Links From The Show Follow Zaphoid… Read More

The ‘Stache On The Crypto Token Talk Podcast

crypto token talk cryptocurrency podcast bitcoin

While I love hosting my own cryptocurrency podcast it’s always great to be a guest on other people’s podcast! I got a chance to catch up with Kelley from Crypto Token Talk and Melrose PR to talk all things crypto. Learn why and how I got into the cryptocurrency scene, some of my favorite long term crypto project, and how I got locked out of my bank account for buying crypto on Coinbase! All this and so much more on this fun podcast! Click here to listen! [adrotate group=”6″] Is there a podcast you think I should be on? How… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 13: Passive Income With Masternodes & Proof of Stake With Nick Saponaro

'stache my crypto cryptocurrency podcast passive income

While most people probably know a little about how Bitcoin works using “Proof of Work” (even if they don’t know the term), there are some great new projects that use the Proof of Stake method. In this episode my guest Nick Saponaro from the DIVI projects talks about Masternodes and how they work in a Proof of Stake environment and why they are a good opportunity to earn passive income in cryptocurrency. We get into how a Masternode works, and look to the future of what they might hold in such a young niche industry within the cryptocurrency space.  … Read More