‘Stache My Crypto 12: How Social Media Will Push Crypto Into The Mainstream With Bill Ottman

Minds.com CEO Bill Ottman crypto social media interview

Social Media has been pushing the bounds of what we do online since its inception, and when social media meets cryptocurrency sparks of the future start flying! I talk with crypto social media platform Minds.com CEO Bill Ottman about how juggernauts like Facebook just don’t care about your privacy or data security and how Minds is doing things differently. We get into censorship, how social media affects the way we relate to each other, and how companies like Google & Facebook are dealing with the quickly emerging blockchain space.         [adrotate group=”6″] Want to watch the video instead?… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 11: Tips For Getting Started With Cryptocurrency Mining With Seth Estrada

Tips For Getting Started With Cryptocurrency Mining With Seth Estrada

Every wanted to try your hand at mining cryptocurrency? Perhaps you just didn’t know where to start? Having your own mining right can be a great passive way to earn income and in this episode I talk with avid miner Seth Estrada about how to get started mining crypto. We cover all the basics and he shares some invaluable tips that he has garnered in his experience setting up tons of mining rigs for himself and his clients.  Not only did I learn a ton of new things about mining, it’s really got me excited to finally build my own… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 10: How Bitcoin Over The Counter (OTC) Trading Works With Ernesto Huerta

'Stache My Crypto 10: How Bitcoin Over The Counter (OTC) Trading Works With Ernesto Huerta

Have you ever been curious how the major players in cryptocurrency execute large orders? Perhaps you already know a little about Over The Counter trading, but my guest this week, Ernesto Huerta,  gives us an in-depth view to exactly how OTC trading works and the REAL reason why it’s necessary. We dive into topics like OTC to OTC desk pumps and market manipulation as well as how his OTC services are different from all the rest of the people in the crypto scene.  This is how the whales do it! Don’t miss out on all the knowledge that Ernesto drops… Read More

Beards & Bitcoins Crypto Podcast With CryptoStache – LIVE From Blanco, TX

CryptoStache on beards & bitcoins podcast

I recently made it down to the wild western town of Blanco, TX for the Bitcoin Ben meetup and I got to hang out with my good friends BitBoy and JChains for the weekend. I will be posting a full review of the meetup and all the fun stuff I got into here soon, but I wanted to post up this amazing podcast session that we all did late at night for their Beards & Bitcoins podcast. We go DEEP into so many topics ranging from trust, if Satoshi is alive, porn on blockchains, and SO MUCH MORE. This is… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 09: When The Art World & Crypto Collide

'Stache My Crypto Podcast Vesa crypto artist

What happens to the mainstream perception when you start incorporating art into everything crypto? How does art impact our lives inside and outside of our crypto tribalism? I talk with crypto artist Vesa about these things and SO much more on this weeks podcast. We take a look at AI in art, how he was rejected by the art world yet found acceptance for his work in crypto, and what happens when you paint the nude bodies of empowered women to a huge live audience.         [adrotate group=”6″] Links From The Show Follow Vesa on Twitter Artforcrypto.com… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 08: Tips On How To Balance Crypto Life & Family With Taylor Monahan

'Stache My Crypto 08: Tips On How To Balance Crypto Life & Family With Taylor Monahan

Is crypto taking over your life? Can’t stop checking the markets? Does your family think you are crazy because you use terms like FOMO, Moon, Lambo, or Rekt??  If you are having trouble balancing your crypto life with your family life then today’s guest Taylor Monahan has some really great tips on how she manages being a new mother as well as the CEO of MyCrypto.com. I talk with her about multiple proven strategies to balance your crypto life with your friends and family on this weeks episode. We also go into how she built her company and the challenges… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 07: How To Build Passive Income In Cryptocurrency With Kenn Bosak

''Stache My Crypto 07: How To Build Passive Income In Cryptocurrency With Kenn Bosak

While many of us are in the cryptocurrency world because we truly believe in the future of this technology and the impact it makes, that does not mean we don’t also like a little profit too! This week I talk with my friend Kenn Bosak about passive income streams in cryptocurrency. While the term “passive” can be a bit misleading sometimes as it conjures up thoughts of doing absolutely nothing and still gaining profits, we talk about a few passive income strategies to put your crypto that you might be ‘staching to good work! If you have a good ‘stache… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 06: How To Focus On An “Audience First” Approach in Cryptocurrency With Steve McGarry

Steve McGarry hack crypto AC3 grow your base stache my crypto podcast

In this week’s episode I talk to Steve McGarry who has done just that with his businesses and he shares the importance of the audience first approach along with some tips on how to get your first 1000 followers for anything you are trying to market! One of the things I really love most about the cryptocurrency ecosystem is it’s emphasis on the individual. Instead of looking at things from an end-product perspective, the best projects take an “audience first” approach to their business models. This often means connecting with your fans, target market, etc first before even shipping a… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 05: The Evolution of Crowdfunding Through Cryptocurrency With Alon Goren

'Stache My Crypto Podcast with Alon Goren

The notion of “crowdfunding” is still a pretty new concept and although we have seen a major shift in the way companies and startups raise funds through their followers, the benefits that cryptocurrency brings to the table are huge and will continue to push the space where it needs to go. I talk with my friend Alon Goren about the evolution of crowdfunding, regulations surrounding raising funds through an ICO, an STO, and beyond as well as the role that big banking and major corporate conglomerates will play in this transition.  Alon also gives us a quick overview of his… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 04: Benefits To Trading Cryptocurrency VS Traditional Equities With Matthew John

'stache my crypto podcast the difference between trading cryptocurrency and stocks matthew john

If you are a long time trader of traditional assets, but are looking to make the jump over to trading cryptocurrency then this podcast is for you! I talked to my friend Matthew John from the Crypto Traders Pro community about why he made the switch from trading in traditional markets to trading full time in cryptocurrency, what steps he took to get there, and how crypto & stocks differ on fundamental levels.  His story of hard work, risk taking, and big payoffs in crypto is yet another inspiring tale that I really enjoyed hear and sharing with you! … Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 03: Podcasting & Censorship In Cryptocurrency With Travis Wright

'Stache My Crypto Podcast episode 3 with Travis Wright podcasting & censorship

My guest on this week’s podcast is media maven and podcasting OG Travis Wright from the Bad Crypto Podcast. Travis shares some of his best tips for getting started with your OWN podcast and we talk about the issues of censorship & building your brand in podcasting and cryptocurrency. I learned so much about what it takes to run a successful podcast & hearing about Travis’ extensive history with podcasting & marketing is going to be truly insightful if you soak in all his great advice.        [adrotate group=”6″] Watch the podcast video too & watch us in… Read More

‘Stache My Crypto 02: Crypto Travel Stories & The Value Of Community With Michael Nye

'stache my crypto podcast 02 crypto travel stores and value of community michael nye shill nye

In this week’s episode of the ‘Stache My Crypto podcast I catch up with Michael Nye who many of you may know as “Crypto Shill Nye” from twitter about his evolution in the blockchain space, gaining perspective through traveling and the value of creating community within the cryptocurrency space.  Not only does he share some amazing crypto travel stories, but we finally figure out what Trolls are actually good for!        [adrotate group=”6″] Links From The Show Follow Michael Nye on Twitter Evolvement: The Financial Podcast Elevated District Hope you enjoyed another episode of the ‘Stache My Crypto… Read More