Looking Ahead: 8 Cryptocurrency Trends Ready To Explode In 2019

8 Cryptocurrency trends for 2019 predictions

If you are thinking the same thing as I am, 2018 sure was a bit of a rough year for the “price” of crypto, but it was actually a great year for development in my opinion. While many lamented the steady decline in price throughout most of 2018, those of us that know it’s not all about the price were busy getting our #BUIDL on (it just means Build, but crypto people are cheeky and like to make their own words up!). Taking all things in consideration beyond price, I believe that 2019 is going to be a great year… Read More

Why Can’t I Play Too? ICO Investing 101 For US Customers

Recently I have done some very low key live chats with a few of my followers on a couple of different topics. The latest one was about ICO investing for US Residents. It’s almost impossible! There was some great chat on this topic, as well as regulation and more. Hopefully I can do a few more of these in the near future as I had a lot of fun. I decided to upload the video of this chat and hopefully it will help others too!

Just What Type of Asset Are Cryptocurrencies? SEC, CFTC, & IRS All Disagree

As you enter into the cryptospace and really start learning how things work, inevitably you have to ask just exactly what type of asset is Bitcoin? When a brand new “thing” emerges, we as humans try to classify it based upon what we already know. Cryptocurrencies don’t really fit right in any of the pre-existing models, but despite that we keep trying to fit an Ethereum shaped peg into a round hole, a square hole, a triangle hole, a…. well you get the point. Channeling the powers of my amazing mustache I have determined that Bitcoin is a completely new… Read More