NFT & Crypto Market Watch (AXS Token, Sandbox sale FAIL, Bitcoin to 20k!)

crypto nft nfts market watch update digital assets Every Tuesday I look at the NFT (non fungible token) space and talk about what I am investing in, how to make profit from trading NFTs, and what is trending in the NFT & crypto markets in general. I also take a few coin requests from chat and do some charts with price predictions! Don’t miss the giveaways and earning FREE T-FUEL & Incent cryptocurrency. In this episode we look at strategies for when Bitcoin hits 20k and how I will be playing an “all-time-high Bitcoin”. I also take a look at charts for some fan requested altcoins like… Read More

Google Chrome Browser Is Dead… Long Live Brave Browser!

google chrome is dead brave browser switch alternative privacy

Like many people, I have been an avid user of Google Chrome since it came out in 2008. The Google Chrome web browser is currently the most popular browser in the world as it occupies about 67% of the market as of October 2019 so it’s damn popular. Regardless of what the statistics say, I am now officially declaring the Google Chrome Browser to be DEAD… here’s why. Why I Won’t Use Google Chrome Anymore They want all your data.  Let me clarify this a bit. Google makes solid products, but like most companies these days they make a profit on… Read More

Cointracking Makes It Easy To File Your 2020 Crypto Taxes & Track Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

crypto taxes 2020 tax cointracking cryptocurrency bitcoin

Want an easy solution for tracking your portfolio and taxes at the same time? I have been a user and fan of CoinTracking for some time and it seems like a great solution for not only tracking your portfolio with pretty advanced metrics, but also for automatically generating those cryptocurrency tax forms you need here in the US. Follow along with the ‘Stache and lets take a deeper look. What is CoinTracking? Cointracking tracks all your trades and creates a real-time report on how your portfolio is performing, what is the value of your portfolio, as well as auto-generates many… Read More

Best Cryptocurrency Staking Platforms To Generate Passive Income In 2020

best top crypto cryptocurrency staking proof of pos coins tokens platform website pool passive income returns

I know I know, everyone “says” they have the secret to passive income (the holy grail of income sources), but one of the things I have always liked about cryptocurrency is that it does give you some great avenues for passive income like other investment vehicles. In the stock market you can earn passive income with dividends. If you are not familiar with dividends they are small , passive, payments, made by a corporation to its stockholders. In the crypto market it works in a somewhat similar manner, so follow along with the ‘Stache while I show you the some… Read More

Are Anonymous Bitcoin Transactions Gone Forever? Not If You Mix Your Coins!

best bitcoin mixer tumbler ethereum eth btc anonymous

When I first learned about Bitcoin in 2013 the idea that all your transactions could be anonymous was, for the most part, fairly true. The complexity of blockchain transactions was still new enough to the world that you COULD count on your transactions on the Bitcoin network to be anonymous and there was no chance that anyone would be able to follow your history or data mine enough to connect you to your transaction data.  Well fast forward 5 years and now we have companies like Chainalysis who can now, through clever data mining, can trace Bitcoin based transactions and… Read More

Binance America Now Open; How It Compares To Other US Based Crypto Exchanges

top us based crypto exchanges kyc binance america open registration

Who loves KYC/AML raise your hands!!! Oh… no one? Not one person? Well, I don’t blame you. I am not a fan of these KYC/AML procedures that every United States based cryptocurrency exchange makes you go through. I understand that these are the current laws and I still respect that as much as I can bring myself to do so (hint: it’s very little). If you are not familiar with the term “KYC” or “AML” they stand for “Know Your Customer” and “Anti-Money Laundering” respectively. They are put in place to help stop people using services like this for money… Read More

Easy Automated Rebalancing Of Your Crypto Portfolio With Shrimpy

Shrmipy review cryptocurrency portfolio management automation

Once you move past the “beginners” phase of using crypto you start to realize how much upkeep it takes to really keep your cryptocurrency portfolio in tip-top shape. Any good portfolio of assets looks to maintain a well diversified spread across your investments, but doing this manually can really take some time. This gets even further complicated with how cryptocurrencies work currently because if you are holding a decent variety of coins they may be spread across different exchanges or wallets. This requires you to log into each one specifically and manually rebalance your portfolio as the market changes to… Read More

Bitcoin Gift Ideas For Cryptocurrency Fans This Christmas

Looking for that unique gift idea that you just couldn’t score at the mall or get delivered by the almighty Amazon? While many people may just go with a gift card or even send cold hard cash as a last minute gift, why not consider giving the gift of Bitcoin this holiday season? Cryptocurrency popularity is on the rise among young adults and teens and can make for a great conversation piece around the holiday dinner table that can even be educational! If you are looking for easy ways to send someone Bitcoin as a holiday gift this Christmas you… Read More

How To Buy On Amazon With Litecoin, Bitcoin, & More In this video, I should you how to buy anything on with cryptocurrency. One of the questions that I get often from people, especially beginners, is: “Where Can I Spend My Bitcoin?”. I have a lot of great resources on my Resources page on, but I wanted to highlight one particular way in this video. I walk you step-by-step on how to use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more to purchase things on Amazon. [adrotate group=”6″] How easy is that?!? Having the right resources really makes the difference when it comes to crypto at this point. Hopefully in… Read More

CryptoMiso Adds New Metric For Doing Your Coin Homework

Since I started writing about crypto I have been pretty consistently blogging every week, but if you were wondering where last weeks newsletter was and why nothing was posted on my website for over a week it was because I got hit by a Mac truck of a flu! This recent flu going around really took me out for a few days and every time I tried to write something it came out all crazy sounding and incoherent (wish I has saved some of it to show you!). While I was sick I came across an interesting resource which is… Read More

Top Cryptocurrency Resources For Absolute Beginners

If this ‘stache has taught me anything, it’s that knowledge is power friends! That is why I decided to get my mustache a-twirling and jot down all my top cryptocurrency resources for absolute beginners in one place. I talk about a lot of these on my blog regularly, but I wanted to get all the BEST ones in one post. Follow along as I lay out my favorite resources for news, social, stats, exchanges, & wallets. The News I really think this is one of the most important aspect of cryptocurrency. Most of the volatility is driven by news &… Read More