Sending Bitcoin Transactions Offline Using GoTenna With Brekkie Von Bitcoin

Can you send Bitcoin offline? How to send Bitcoin offline

Bitcoin brings a lot of value to the new financial world like being censorship resistant, enabling peer-to-peer transactions without the need of a third party, and being a deflationary currency by design. Despite this, there is always that one friend that says, “Well, what if there is no internet, then you can’t send Bitcoin!”. This …

Easy Automated Rebalancing Of Your Crypto Portfolio With Shrimpy

Shrmipy review cryptocurrency portfolio management automation

Once you move past the “beginners” phase of using crypto you start to realize how much upkeep it takes to really keep your cryptocurrency portfolio in tip-top shape. Any good portfolio of assets looks to maintain a well diversified spread across your investments, but doing this manually can really take some time. This gets even …

Coolwallet S Hardware Wallet Unboxing & Reivew

Coolwallet S hardware wallet review unboxing what's inside

I continue my hardware wallet review series with the highly requested-for-review Coolwallet S! This super convenient hardware wallet is the size and shape of a standard credit card and it comes with some really great features including pairing to an app on your phone through AES encrypted bluetooth, easy setup, and support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, …