Google Chrome Browser Is Dead… Long Live Brave Browser!

google chrome is dead brave browser switch alternative privacy

Like many people, I have been an avid user of Google Chrome since it came out in 2008. The Google Chrome web browser is currently the most popular browser in the world as it occupies about 67% of the market as of October 2019 so it’s damn popular. Regardless of what the statistics say, I am now officially declaring the Google Chrome Browser to be DEAD… here’s why. Why I Won’t Use Google Chrome Anymore They want all your data.  Let me clarify this a bit. Google makes solid products, but like most companies these days they make a profit on… Read More

Cobo Tablet Review – Cryptocurrency Mnemonic Backup Key Protection! I take a quick look at the Cobo Tablet mnemonic seed key protection hardware. I unbox it, show you everything inside, and exactly how it works. If you have some very important wallets to back up then this is a great long term fire proof and water proof solution for storing your back up keys! Check out the Cobo Tablet here. [adrotate group=”6″] How do YOU back up your wallet? If you are not using something secure, please always keep in mind that you could lose all your coins if you don’t back up your wallets seed phrase in… Read More

Crypto Today: Binance Goes From HACKED!?! To Margin Trading

If you have not heard that Binance was hacked for 41 Million worth of BTC I would be surprised! The news spread like wild fire, but here are a few details that you might have missed and how they are springing back with the addition of Margin Trading on their platform. In my (almost) daily live stream segment “Crypto Today: The Top News Story of the Day”, I will be looking at the MOST important cryptocurrency news story of the day and giving a brief overview of what happened and why it is so important. [adrotate group=”6″] Look for more… Read More

6 Tips To Avoid Losing Your Crypto To Hackers Or SIM Swapping Scams

6 Tips to Avoid losing your crypto to hackers or scammers SIM card swapping

Have you been hacked? Would you even know if you were? What can I do to avoid losing my crypto to hackers or scams?  I run into these questions from people all the time and I always hate to hear when someone has been hacked and lost their cryptocurrency. Many times this comes down to just general security of your computer or your phone, but there are some very clever ways that hackers and scammers trick you into getting access to your funds. I take a quick look at some of the most common security loop holes as well as… Read More

‘Staching Your Crypto, Hardware wallets, & How We Got Started With Hack Crypto After a great World Crypto Con & meeting so many of the crypto friends I have made online in person it was great to connect with Steve from Hack Crypto who asks me how I ‘stache my crypto and we get talking about hardware wallets, how we got started & more. I love it when people turn my own questions on me, it really allows me to see another side of what my guests have to go through! Follow Hack Crypto: [adrotate group=”6″] More great crypto content coming at you soon, but until then… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends!