Use Crypto To Pay For Your Hotel This Summer With Travala

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I have always loved to travel. I try to get away to different cities and countries as much as I can, but with a full time business and also doing my helpful crypto thing sometimes it can be a challenge to block out the time away. If you are a “busy” person like I tend to be, with so many things going on at once, it can be hard to carve out time for travel and vacation. I have realized more and more lately that while it’s tough to do, it’s absolutely paramount to my happiness and success. My girlfriend… Read More

Earn Bitcoin While Shopping Online With Lolli I found this great new website & browser extension called Lolli that has partnered with tons of online retailers (including some really big names like Macys, OverStock, Walmart, etc.) to give you a percentage of your purchases back in Bitcoin! Imagine doing all your X-mas shopping on this site and earning all that Bitcoin back! I show you how it’s done in this video. Signup for Lolli here – [adrotate group=”6″] Presearch video – Buy on Amazon With Bitcoin video – I hope this video helps you to understand exactly how Lolli works and how easy… Read More

Crypto Day with ‘Stache & Chops: Episode 2 – Los Angeles

Crypto Day is where Rhy (Chops) & I (The ‘Stache) take a day where we try to only use Crypto to pay for things at local businesses and see where it takes us! Episode 2 takes us to the Los Angeles/Long Beach area where we check out crypto lounge & co-working spot Cryptospace in San Pedro. Then we head over to Long Beach to buy pizza & beer with Bitcoin at Deli News. We end the day in Venice, CA where I get my hair cut for Bitcoin and we hit up the Venice Boardwalk looking for vendors that take… Read More

“Crypto Day” with ‘Stache & Chops: Episode 1 – San Diego

My buddy Rhy (now formally dubbed CryptoChops or “Chops” for short! hahaha) & I decided it would be fun to take a day where we try to only use Crypto to pay for things and see where it takes us! We knew it would not be an easy task, but damn if it wasn’t fun anyways. This first episode was shot in the San Diego area and we had a damn hard time finding places that accepted Bitcoin, let along any other cryptocurrency. [adrotate group=”6″] Look for Episode 2 where we invade Los Angeles & Long Beach soon, but until… Read More

Trading & Hodling Bitcoin Is Great, But What Can I Buy With Bitcoin And Where?

I have spent a lot of time the past month doing research about cryptocurrency and just when I think my eyeballs can’t take it and I am going to rip them out of their sockets, I realize that I have no idea where I can actually spend my Bitcoins. I learned where to trade them, where to save them, where to blog for them (Steemit shout out!) and beyond but I really had no idea where I could really spend them on stuff I wanted. This realization came after taking with a friend about Bitcoin who had a lot of… Read More