Top Cryptocurrency Resources For Absolute Beginners

If this ‘stache has taught me anything, it’s that knowledge is power friends! That is why I decided to get my mustache a-twirling and jot down all my top cryptocurrency resources for absolute beginners in one place. I talk about a lot of these on my blog regularly, but I wanted to get all the BEST ones in one post. Follow along as I lay out my favorite resources for news, social, stats, exchanges, & wallets. The News I really think this is one of the most important aspect of cryptocurrency. Most of the volatility is driven by news &… Read More

Why There Are Hundreds Of Coins & Tokens Other Than Bitcoin

If your only exposure to cryptocurrency is through Bitcoin then it might be quite the shock when you start to read & research up on the cryptoworld and find that there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there other than Bitcoin. Of course Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency because it was the first. A pioneer exploring new digital landscapes. Bitcoin has the most recognition, but there are hundreds of coins out there and they all have different purposes. Keep reading as I break down why there is more then just Bitcoin out there and why that is actually a great… Read More

Investing In The Steemit Platform; How To Buy Steem With Bitcoin

For the past month I have been on this newish social media platform Steemit. It is a lot like Reddit but it is cryptocurrency based and each post has a value which can be “upvoted”. You then get those rewards from upvotes in the form of Steem Dollars. Basically you can get paid cryptocurrency for posting on the platform. The more votes your post gets the more you get paid. You earn “reputation” from making good engaging posts, comments and repostings. The higher your reputation, the more your votes are worth! The Social Media Switcheroo I have been mostly on… Read More

Social & Email Invites From Steemit To Your Friends On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Steemit is growing every day by leaps and bounds! The ‘Stache is loving it so far after just about 10 days on the platform. I have now been bitten by the Steemit bug and I want to get all my friends involved and over to the platform! How Do I Get Friends To Leave Their Safety Net Social Media? This is the tricky question that I have no idea how to answer. I read a few posts about peoples attempts here on Steemit and it seems like it is a frustrating topic for many. I started a group of Facebook… Read More

How to convert Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) to Steem Power for higher ranking on Steemit

One of the most confusing things about Steemit is how SBD vs Steem vs Steem Power all work together. I have been on Steemit for just over a week now (day 10! thanks for all the support a follows my Steemit fam!) and I still don’t REALLY have a great understanding of it, but I have watched a few videos and posts and I made my first step. Yesterday I saw a video post from @craig-grant about how Steem Power works (STEEM Power Tutorial, in the flow) and it was a good kickstart for me. Time to POWER UP! All… Read More

Make The First Move; Owning My Own Keys

Since I made my first (and only… YET!) crypto purchase to date it has been sitting over at Coinbase for the last 2 and a half years. At the time of purchasing, I had no idea you could keep your own keys without having to have an online wallet. With the impending changes to Bitcoin, the Steemit cryptocurrency threads have been talking about the subject of wallets (paper, hardware, hot, cold, etc!) quite a lot and it really lit a fire under my ass to research the different types of wallets and what it all means for my Bitcoin. After… Read More

Why are there so many different coins? This scares the crypto newbies…

I remember when I first heard of Bitcoin and the endless possibilities of the blockchain. I really had no idea what either where at the time or how they really worked underneath but I appreciated the thought of a “decentralized currency”. This was in 2013 and I had just come upon Bitcoin randomly while on the net. While I thought it was a great idea and fundamentally supported it I did not make a purchase at that time. Thinking back, I was a dumbass for not making a purchase then (hindsight is 20/20 of course!). I feel a big hurdle… Read More

Liquidating my crappy 401k to buy more crypto currency

I’ve had this rollover 401k since before I started working for myself (left over from my architecture days, which is another story) and it pretty much tanked during 2008, but was never very much to begin with. After getting a quarterly statement from my company Vanguard the other day I realized that having my money, even as small amount as this is, with them invested in mutual funds was pretty much pointless and the gains were not much more then the fees they were charging me each year. After thinking about it for a day I decided that it would… Read More

“Be the Casino” was the best thing that I learned today about trading

Today is my 3rd day on Steemit and I have already learned a TON! There are so many knowledgeable people out there with very clear and well presented info in the Steemit community and I love it! Digging through Steemit and Youtube today I came across this video that really laid out some basics of day trading (I am a noob when it comes to day trading of any kind) that opened my eyes to all that I really have to learn. The main take away I got from Adam’s video is “Be the Casino” which is basically just saying… Read More

Woke up to this notification. Perfect time to buy or?

So I am not much of a morning person, although I mostly can’t help but be up early, and I got this notification from Coindera early in the am about Bitcoin price dropping below $1800! I thought it might be a good idea to have some sort of notification system and I found Coindera through a quick search. Its a pretty straight forward interface and makes it easy to set all kinds of notifications. I don’t know that it is the best for this, maybe there is a better solution? Or an integrated one in an exchange or similar site?… Read More

Introducing myself and this amazing mustache to the community! Cryptocurrency & Mustaches ftw

Starting something new isn’t always easy, but when you have a good looking mustache like this then you can handle the risk! My name is Shea and I take on way too many projects and here I am, yet again, taking on another one. I decided to dive into the world of cryptocurrency and learn all that I can about it as I really am convinced that it is the future. I came across Steemit after just a few searches about cryptocurrency and a recommendation by my friend @rhyt and I was instantly hooked! To keep me focused on blogging… Read More