How to Buy Bitcoin From Individuals NOT Exchanges

How to Buy Bitcoin From Individuals NOT Exchanges Buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from other individuals can be a challenge. There are of course security concerns, but also the lack of people in your area can be a concern as well. With a platform like CryptoLocally you can take comfort in their smart contract escrow services for buying or selling Bitcoin so you can trade P2P without any strings attached. Try CRYPTOLOCALLY: [adrotate group=”6″] Until next time… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends!

Secret Agent ‘Stache – Mission 036: Gods Unchained (Hearthstone Style NFT Trading Card Game)

blockchain game review

I jump into disguise and head out on a mission to play my most favorite NFT trading card game GODS UNCHAINED! This game is just as in-depth as other similar trading card games (TCG’s) like Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone. Do I triumph over my enemies or will I wallow in defeat at the hands of the Gods mercy? Play GODS UNCHAINED –​ I stream my fav blockchain games every Thursday at 4pm PST Join me weekly for Disguises & NFT Prizes, but all the fun is on! [adrotate group=”6″] Until next time… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends

SAND Binance Launchpad PUMP – The Sandbox Game

sand land sandbox game binance launchpad token sale coin pump price prediction how to The Sandbox Game has really been getting a lot of attention lately and I am a proud ambassador for the game, so when they announced that their native ERC-20 token was going to be the next Binance Launchpad project I knew I had to get this info out! SAND is the in-game currency for The Sandbox game and this will be the first public sale. In this video I show you multiple reasons why I think that this Binance Launchpad listing will send SAND to Mars and back! For those here in the US that can’t be a part… Read More

Telegram Based Crypto Technical Analysis Alerts With 100Eyes Scanner

100eyes crypto alerts scanner telegram technical analysis

When you live a busy life and have literally no time to yourself it’s pretty hard to keep up with things going on in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. Like most of you, I don’t work in crypto full time and consider it one of my hobbies. I try and make good trades when I can based on fundamentals and some technical analysis. While the fundamentals part is easy for me, sometimes the technical analysis is hard to keep track of when I get so busy! So, I decided to give a new Telegram based crypto alerts service a try… Read More

Binance America Now Open; How It Compares To Other US Based Crypto Exchanges

top us based crypto exchanges kyc binance america open registration

Who loves KYC/AML raise your hands!!! Oh… no one? Not one person? Well, I don’t blame you. I am not a fan of these KYC/AML procedures that every United States based cryptocurrency exchange makes you go through. I understand that these are the current laws and I still respect that as much as I can bring myself to do so (hint: it’s very little). If you are not familiar with the term “KYC” or “AML” they stand for “Know Your Customer” and “Anti-Money Laundering” respectively. They are put in place to help stop people using services like this for money… Read More

Easy Automated Rebalancing Of Your Crypto Portfolio With Shrimpy

Shrmipy review cryptocurrency portfolio management automation

Once you move past the “beginners” phase of using crypto you start to realize how much upkeep it takes to really keep your cryptocurrency portfolio in tip-top shape. Any good portfolio of assets looks to maintain a well diversified spread across your investments, but doing this manually can really take some time. This gets even further complicated with how cryptocurrencies work currently because if you are holding a decent variety of coins they may be spread across different exchanges or wallets. This requires you to log into each one specifically and manually rebalance your portfolio as the market changes to… Read More

How To Read Crypto Charts On Binance For Beginners

How to read crypto charts

If you are like me and don’t come from a financial background then your first steps into cryptocurrency can be overwhelming! There are so many things to research & learn that really challenge your technical skills that it can seem like an impossible task. I am here to tell you that it’s NOT impossible and anyone can learn given the right tools & instruction. I had no idea how to read a basic trading chart when I got started even though I managed to purchase Bitcoin without that knowledge. It’s simple problems like these that inspired me to create this… Read More

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges For Margin Trading In 2018

Step 1, Buy Bitcoin Step 3, PROFIT! Well… it’s not that easy at all is it? I got into cryptocurrency because I truly saw the potential for financial freedom and reform through Bitcoin & blockchain tech. Does that mean that I don’t enjoy taking some profits or HODLing some crypto for down the road, no it does not! While profiting is not my main reason for being in the crypto world (hint: education of this epic financial shift IS why I do this), it is still nice to make a profit from your trades. If Step 1 is buy Bitcoin… Read More

How To Do Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis For Beginners

Cryyptocurrency Technical Analysis for Beginners

Your first steps into crypto probably have more to do with learning what Bitcoin is or brushing up on a glossary of cryptocurrency specific terms so you have at least some idea of what people are talking about that you follow on various social media sites. Once you have a decent understanding on how to read trading charts and can navigate basic exchanges like Coinbase Pro or Binance, you might want to consider learning how to do technical analysis on your favorite crypto coins. In my latest video I chat with one of Crypto Twitter’s favorite chartists, CryptoWendyO, about how… Read More

VIDEO: Cryptocurrency Trading Charts Intro For Beginners

Until I got into cryptocurrency I had never done any stock trading or anything and I certainly had no idea how to read trading charts! Of course, I am still learning myself (there is a TON to learn!), but I will go over the very basics of how to read a few different types of trading charts you will encounter when you are starting out with cryptocurrency trading and even just hodling! Here is the video version of my popular article on how to read trading charts for beginners. If you want to check out the original article you… Read More

My Top 30 Crypto Terms Beginners MUST Know – VIDEO

The first time getting into cryptocurrenices can be OVERWHELMING! No matter how much time I put into reading, researching, and trading it seems like it is never enough to learn all you need to. One of the most important things to learn in a new industry is the industry specific terms so you can decrypt (like that?) the cryptoworld one term at a time. Here are my top 30 crypto related terms you MUST know to survive! Read the original article I wrote here: [adrotate group=”6″] More great crypto content coming soon, but for now… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends!

CryptoMiso Adds New Metric For Doing Your Coin Homework

Since I started writing about crypto I have been pretty consistently blogging every week, but if you were wondering where last weeks newsletter was and why nothing was posted on my website for over a week it was because I got hit by a Mac truck of a flu! This recent flu going around really took me out for a few days and every time I tried to write something it came out all crazy sounding and incoherent (wish I has saved some of it to show you!). While I was sick I came across an interesting resource which is… Read More