WAX NFT Tool For Easier Selling, Drops, Pack Creation & More (Neftyblocks Review)

wax NFT Tools for easier selling

The absolute easiest way to make NFT drops, blends, and packs. With NeftyBlocks it is now more user-friendly than ever to manage your NFT’s. It was started by an individual that made GUI from the command line and decided that it was needed by the community so they released it for everyone. NeftyBlocks: https://neftyblocks.com/ [adrotate group=”6″] Until next time… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends

Huge Band to Release NFT on WAX Blockchain

NFT band, music release censored wax

One of my favorite bands is releasing on my favorite NFT blockchain, this is truly a match made in heaven. I’ll reveal the band’s name, as well as a related physical product that you can potentially win if you get one of 12 lucky NFT’s. GET A WAX WALLET HERE: https://wallet.wax.io​ Weezer NFT: https://on.wax.io/weezer/​ Death by Toys: https://deathbytoys.storenvy.com/​ Rolling Stone Article: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/mu… [adrotate group=”6″] Until next time… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends

Funko Pops NFTs Coming To WAX Blockchain

funko pops nft blockchain wax cryptocurrency

As NFTs gain more and more traction in the mainstream commercial world, we have seen some really cool integrations. With popular brand Funko now entering into the NFT space, they will use the WAX blockchain to not only issue their own NFTs, but to also connect them to physical versions that you can redeem! I break it all down & tell you why I think this is a SUPER bullshit sign for NFTs and for WAX. [adrotate group=”6″] Buy ‘Stache NFT’s ► https://cryptostache.com/nfts​ Join my community of “Stachers” to learn more about NFT investing. ► https://t.me/CryptoStacheClub Until next time… ‘Stache… Read More

How To Do NFT Drops On WAX Blockchain (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

nft drops wax blockchain create make sales how to tutorial guide beginners

I have been creating NFTs since 2018 and one of the most asked questions recently is how NFT creators on the WAX Blockchain can do what are called “NFT Drops” on the platform. NFT Drops on WAX are a way to automatically mint your NFTs on demand for a sale that is publicized across the AtomicHub network and makes it easy to sell your NFTs directly to those interested in the latest and greatest being created on the platform. In this tutorial I walk you through all the necessary steps! Below is some important info for this video: Add “atomicdropsx”… Read More

Advanced NFT Creation Tips For WAX + IPFS + AtomicHub

In this quick tutorial video I answer some of the most frequently asked questions I get from people that are just getting started making their own NFTs on the WAX Blockchain using the AtomicHub website. This video focuses on larger file upload, additional images, using mp4, creating “packs”, and more. Didn’t answer your advanced question? Leave it in the comments below. Use IPFS: https://pinata.cloud [adrotate group=”6″] Buy ‘Stache NFT’s ► https://cryptostache.com/nfts Join my community of “Stachers” to learn more about NFT investing. ► https://t.me/CryptoStacheClub​ Until next time… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends!

How To Get A Custom WAX Username

custom wax blockchain username get how to

As more and more creators are coming around to the almost limitless potential of NFT’s, I have started to get this question a lot in my Telegram group. How can we create our own custom WAX username? If you signed up for the WAX Cloud Wallet you may have realized you are just randomly assigned an account name. I show you how to get a custom WAX username and how to hold your own private keys at the same time! Download Anchor wallet: https://greymass.com/en/anchor WAX Cloud Wallet: http://wallet.wax.io [adrotate group=”6″] Hope that quick tutorial helps you to get that sweet… Read More

Garbage Pail Kids FOOD FIGHT Pack Opens (Physical AND Digital cards)

garbage pail kids gpk food fight pack open wax nft non fungible token nfts

With Topps latest set of Garbage Pail Kids: Food Fight packs they have teamed up with my friends at WAX and hidden special cards in some physical packs that give you a digital redemption code for NFT versions of the cards! This is one of the coolest physical + digital collaborations I have seen and the only way to get the WAX based NFT versions of the GPK cards is to open packs and look for the scratch off redemption code. Do I get lucky?  [adrotate group=”6″] Watch the video to see what I get and let me know if… Read More

POGS Goes Blockchain with KOGS on WAX – Arclegger Interview

I used to love playing the popular POGS game (otherwise known as milk caps game) when I was a kid. It was one of those cool early 90’s fads that exploded quickly and everyone in school was playing & trading them. I talk with gamer & creative director Arclegger, from Red Fox Labs, about their new collectible game KOGS on Wax which is a throwback to the original game of POGS, but built on the WAX blockchain. They are holding their collectible KOGS pre-sale on August 18th with the game to follow in the coming months. Don’t miss out on… Read More

Garbage Pail Kids Launch “Tiger King” Series, Sells Out In 1 Hour

garbage pail kids gpk garbagepailkids was topps digital buy marketplace sell cards collectibles nft cryptocurrency

The new Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) Tiger King series was released and almost instantly sold out! The partnership between WAX (one of my favorite cryptocurrencies) and global collectible card maker Topps, has produced quite the hype for their digital Garbage Pail Kids and that was seen with the release of their second series based on the popular Tiger King documentary. In this video, I talk about the sale, some of the problems people faced, how the markets are reacting to pricing of the new cards and I even open up 10 Mega Packs live on stream! Watch to see what… Read More

How To Buy Digital Garbage Pail Kids Using Cryptocurrency

wax garbage pail kids digital waxp cryptocurrency buy sell trade gpk tutorial how to

Digital Garbage Pail Kids have exploded onto the scene, but for those that are not familiar with cryptocurrency it can be quite the challenge to buy Garbage Pail Kids in the secondary markets using WAXP to purchase. In this step-by-step tutorial, I show you how to buy WAXP on a cryptocurrency exchange for the best price and then get it on my favorite GPK trading site so you can start buying digital Garbage Pail Kids today. SIGNUP for Bittrex here to get started buying Garbage Pail Kids Watch my GPK release interview with the WAX team here: Garbage Pail Kids… Read More

Garbage Pail Kids Go Digital On The Blockchain For Provable Rarity (WAX 2020)

how to buy digital garbage pail kids cards wax

Garbage Pail Kids are LIVE on the blockchain! I talk with Evan Vandenberg, Director Of Business Development at WAX, about the launch of GPK on the WAX blockchain. We show off some cards, take questions live from the chat, discuss the future of NFT’s and collectibles on WAX and even give away some packs of Garbage Pail Kids! Since this launch the GPK first edition has completely SOLD OUT in just 28 hours! The are some really hot secondary markets for digital Garbage Pail Kids trading online so you can still buy digital Garbage Pail Kids online if you want,… Read More

TOPPS Partners With WAX Blockchain – Official Partnership Interview w/ Evan Vandenberg

Since I was a kid I liked collecting things. I used to love getting new packs of cards and hoping for those few rare ones I needed to complete my full set. Baseball, Basketball, Football, Comics, even pogs, I collected it all! While there were many card companies, TOPPS was always a leader in the collectible card industry and that was the brand that I mostly collected.  That’s why I was excited to be able to talk with my friends at WAX about their new partnership with TOPPS! WAX is going to be partnering with popular trading card company TOPPS… Read More