What Is Presearch? Decentralized Search Engine For The People!

https://youtu.be/5Mk-iD6I974 Been using Presearch as my default search for the past few weeks and I love how they reward users for searching. They aim to make a decentralized version of Google search that is owned by a non-profit oraganization and run by the community. Check out my video that breaks down the basics of the platform and what it’s all about like only The ‘Stache does! It’s a huge project, but they have a pretty good start with their beta offering. There is some good potential here, give it a try and see what you think: https://www.presearch.org/signup?rid=156557 (this is my referral… Read More

Vote On My YouTube Intro Music & Win $100 in ETH!

If you caught my last post about finally taking the necessary “professional” steps to get my YouTube channel going and port all my content over to video then you might have caught that I will be running a poll to vote on my NEW video intro music! The music I have currently is cheesy and so I am going to let all my followers vote on a new one. I am giving away $100 in ETH to 3 lucky people at random who vote on their favorite intro music and complete the necessary steps! WHAT?!?!? This MUST be a scam…. Read More

The ‘Stache Comes To YouTube! My Recording Setup & DIY Greenscreen How To

YouTube here I come! While most “crypto influencers” opted to go with YouTube to get started building their audiences, I decided to go a different route. Jump back to January of 2017 when I first decided to create this blog, I hated the way YouTube treated their content producers (it’s even worse now after recent changes!!!). I saw a TON of personalities in the crypto world using it as their main source of content distribution instead of their own website, and I just could not get on board. Since I build websites for a living (you didn’t know?? See my… Read More

November Beginners Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Class Recap & Upcoming Bitcoin Classes!

My goal with The CryptoStache.com has always been to help people to better understand what Bitcoin is and how it works. This can sometimes be quite the uphill battle, but I do enjoy bringing solid knowledge to those that want to learn. While I talk about investing in Bitcoin and that you can make some decent profits, I really try to focus on the magic of blockchain technology. I try to keep it technical (but not TOO technical!) and focused on this amazing new way of keeping records, but sometimes I still feel l like that guy peddling the “magic… Read More