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What's an NFT?

Let's keep this simple; an NFT is just a visual element like an image or video combined with a set of data that can't be changed or counterfeit because the data exists on a blockchain.

Without the data, or “metadata” as its called, the image does not have any verifiable history. This combination of image + data history is what gives value to NFT technology.

This allows for a digital item or token to be unique in a brand new way.

Imagine an NFT ID card that no one could fake, or an NFT sword in a game that you could verify there was only 1 in existence...

Weekly NFT Livestream

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I am joined by co-host Kenn Bosak where we look at the overall NFT markets, talk about the latest NFT news, and find YOU the best NFT projects out there!

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Best NFT Research Tools

Use these tools to research NFT drops, NFT whitelists, & trending NFTs to find the most profitable moves.

Track NFT data across multiple blockchains

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Tracking NFT data across multiple blockchains

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