Welcome to my Secret 'Stache of Resources!

This is a curated list of the apps and websites I strongly recommend for helping you along your road to financial freedom. I have tested every recommendation on this page & use most of them on a daily basis. These tools have been invaluable to my success in cryptocurrency investing and I know they will help you too. I keep this list updated regularly so it is always the best of the best cryptocurrency resources. 

A word to the wise before we get to the good stuff:
A few of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I included them because they helped me tremendously not because I make a commission. I have spent a good deal of time researching each one to make sure they are the most trusted and best reviewed in their respective category. 

Binance US

Best Cryptocurrency ExchangeI do the majority of my trading on Binance US.

I have recommended Binance since they opened & became the #1 cryptocurrency exchange, but now United States customers have their very own place that is fully compliant with US regulations to trade crypto with the same great Binance interface. 

If you are ready to start doing some real trading, see my full step-by-step tutorial for trading on Binance here. When you trade at Binance you know your funds are secure (I always enable 2FA) & they have a great mobile interface for trading on the go. 

(If you are NOT based in the US, I would recommend the standard Binance website here)


earn bitcoin back purchase online lolli ebates rakutenEarn Bitcoin instead of buying it!

If you have ever used the popular browser extension EBates or Rakuten to get cash back while shopping online then you will LOVE the Lolli extension. The Lolli app is a Chrome extension and they have partnered with a ton of sites to give you Bitcoin back on your purchases! Earn up to 30% back in Bitcoin when you shop online at places like NewEgg, Sephora, Barnes & Nobel, Walmart, Bloomingdales, and many more. 

You get a nice little popup when you go to an eligible site that makes it super easy to redeem your free Bitcoin. I don't know why anyone would NOT be using this!


Track your crypto portfolio & taxesThis is hands-down the best way to track every aspect of your cryptocurrency portfolio. CoinTracking offers the most comprehensive set of tools to track & manage your crypto with ease. You can import from tons of exchanges through .CSV as well as API and they even let you import from popular wallets too. My favorite feature is being able to generate a detailed tax report (huge win here)!

I tend to struggle with organization, but CoinTracking makes it super simple to keep all my purchases in order. With 10 years of historical data & trends for over 6,000 coins, the time you will save analyzing your cryptocurrency portfolio is worth every satoshi. 

If you are looking for the complete package, CoinTracking is it. Get 10% off by using my link below!



If you are looking for a SUPER simple way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ZERO FEES, then Voyager is the way to go. 

They are a mobile only app that gives you a very simple to use interface to buy your favorite crypto and they currently don't charge any fees on your transactions! Connect a bank account and you can be up and trading in a matter of minutes. 

Cash App

Cash app has risen to become one of the most used mobile payment solutions out there. Beating out heavy hitters like Venmo in 2018, the team at Square rolled out the ability to purchase Bitcoin directly from inside this incredibly easy-to-use mobile app. I have now switched over to using Cash app to pay people quickly and even buy a little Bitcoin on the go when someone pays me through Cash app. 

If you are over the hurdles that Venmo and Paypal put your through, give Cash app a try. 

Robinhood App

Until I got into cryptocurrency I never did any stock investing. Sure I had a mutual fund, but that was about it! Using this mobile app opened me up to a whole other world of easy investing. Their app makes it so simple to purchase stocks that I have now successfully diversified my portfolio with stocks like Apple, Sprint, and AMD. Ask any financial adviser and they will tell you that if you want to achieve true financial freedom you need to diversify your investments. 

Investing with Robinhood is a no-brainer and it will encourage you to look at your investments in a whole new light, not to mention you can purchase crypto on the app too!



buy Bitcoin Cryptocurrency with a credit card lowest feesCEX is one of the longest running cryptocurrency exchanges out there. Established in 2013, they are one of the most secure exchanges out there and have never seen a major hack of their exchange in this time. The reason I personally recommend CEX is because they have the LOWEST fees for buying Bitcoin with a credit card. 

At just 2.99% you really won't find a better deal online if you want to buy cryptocurrency with your credit card. Please take caution with your credit card purchases as you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. 

In addition to offering cryptocurrency credit card purchases, you can also cash out to USD or your local fiat currency through a number of methods. You simply can't deny the great features that they offer for experienced traders. 


Enjin Wallet

This is THE most secure mobile cryptocurrency wallet on the market, with 2 layers of cryptography & a built in secure keyboard. With it's incredible ease-of-use it is my pick for the best cryptocurrency mobile wallet.

I love crypto, but I also love to collect things!

You should see my office full of all the crazy nerdy stuff I have collected over the years. Collecting digital items has become so easy with the release of the Enjin wallet.  The big win here is they support all ERC721 & REC1155  crypto-collectibles on the market.

They are the only wallet with true game collectible support & one of my favorite cryptocurrency projects in general. A must-have app for any gamer that loves crypto!

Exodus Wallet

When it comes to the most secure desktop or laptop solution for 'staching your crypto I highly recommend the Exodus wallet. The interface is intuitive and beautifully designed, their customer support is the best I have encountered in the business, and you always own your own private keys when using Exodus. 

This is by far my favorite cryptocurrency wallet solution for desktop & laptop users because it is just SO simple to use. Security has always been their focus and they even have a built in exchange for quickly swapping your crypto for crypto. 

You can't go wrong with Exodus to manager your Bitcoin & as well as over 100 other digital assets!


Trezor Hardware Wallet

Trezor is the other "industry standard" when it comes to hardware wallets with the best security, variety of coins, and ease of use. If I had to choose between a Trezor & a Ledger hardware wallet I would probably choose the Trezor model T. It has a small touch screen that makes it super simple to use and with an online interface for complete management of your coins you simply can't go wrong with this hardware wallet. 

Whether you go with a Trezor or a Ledger really just comes down to preference, as they have very similar features, but a hardware wallet is a must-have for any cryptocurrency enthusiasts that truly is looking to build their financial freedom from big banking. 

See my full review here.

Ledger Hardware Wallet

Cryptocurrency hardware wallets are by far the most secure option for 'staching your crypto. Ledger hardware wallets are reliable, affordable, and easy to use. You can store a good amount of coins on each Ledger and now with the Ledger X that capacity is expanded even further. I own multiple Ledger hardware wallets to keep my crypto extra safe. 

There is no doubt that this industry leader makes one of the best products on the market. If you are concerned about security or storing amounts of crypto over $3,000 then I highly recommend picking up a hardware wallet. 

See my full review here.

Coolwallet S

The great thing about the Coolwallet S is that it's the same size & shape of a standard credit card! Unlike the Trezor & Ledger it's unique design makes it easy to take with you on the go and not have to worry about a bulky piece of hardware. This crypto hardware wallet fits perfectly in your ACTUAL wallet and with an AES encrypted connection to an app on your phone makes spending your cryptocurrency a breeze while out & about. 

See my full review here.


Brave Browser

Google Chrome is the standard browser for many (you are not still using Internet Explorer are you?!), but it lacks in the security department. My favorite new internet browser is the Brave Browser. This incredibly fast and secure browser has so many great features. It automatically blocks ads, is 8x faster than Chrome, has Private Tabs with Tor built in, stops website trackers, and even allows you to support your favorite sites directly with the built in Brave rewards that use the BAT token. 

I use Brave exclusively on my mobile phone and most of the time on desktop. Tired of seeing ads on my site? Download Brave Browser to block them automatically and surf my content ad free!

See my full review here.

Nord VPN

Computer security is SUPER important, especially if you are into crypto and are "being your own bank" like you should be. A VPN keeps your website activities safe, even from your Internet provider.

I was using one of those free services, but it was so slow! I switch to Nord VPN recently and was surprised at how fast and smooth it was. Their service is affordable and will help you keep your coins safe in the long run!


When signing up for crypto exchanges or other cryptocurrency services I recommend to always use a different unique password. This can quickly become a pain to manage, but with a great password manager like LastPass it is SUPER simple to keep all your passwords secure and safe from hackers. 

I would go absolutly crazy without a password manager like LastPass and it is one of the most useful tools ever created (well close!). Click below to give it a try and you will get 1 month of premium service for free!


Chase Travel Card

Ok so this is not cryptocurrency specific, but since I have been going to so many crypto conferences lately I have been trying to find more ways to save and earn on travel. This Chase Sapphire card has hands-down the best rewards of any "miles" card out there as long as you make just a few adjustments to the way you spend. 

The secret here is to move all your monthly spending (the things you have to pay for every month) on this card to get the points, BUT make sure it is paid off on time every month. NEVER leave a balance. That is the trick! 

I have already racked up enough points in 6 months for 2-3 flights!


When you first open your browser I bet it shows you a Google search box right? Why not earn a little crypto while having more options to customize your search at the same time? That's what the folks at Presearch are doing. You can install a Chrome browser extension that replaces your default home page search with a Presearch box and you earn 0.25 PRE tokens for each search. If you look more into the Presearch project you will see they are trying to build their own cryptocurrency powered search engine that is a fairer & more transparent version of Google search.

Of course you can still set the Presearch box to do a Google search until their own engine is done. That's how I do it and I earn free PRE tokens at the same time. Win/win!

See my full review here.


Trading View

While I don't post my charts publicly, I have been using Trading View since the beginning of 2018. For the more experienced trader, or those looking to hone their trading skills this platform is unparalleled in its' feature set. There is a bit of a learning curve at first, but once you "get it" the power of what you can do with it becomes instantly clear.

If your goal is to become a seasoned cryptocurrency trader then Trading View is a MUST HAVE in my opinion.  


There are lots of places to check the prices of your favorite crypto but my go-to source is CoinGecko. I had been using other sites for a long time, but after public questions about their integrity I switched to CG. Their interface is great and they also put out these very detailed quarterly reports on the market that are truly insightful. 

The source of your information on market activity is super important and from my experience so far CoinGecko does the best job at calculating volume and crypto activity while maintaining integrity. 



Long Beach Web Design

Shameless self-plug here! Now that you have hosting you need a professional website.

While I LOVE helping people learn about cryptocurrency, I spend my days building custom designed websites for small & medium sized businesses. My company Long Beach Web Design specializes in e-commerce solutions and we can help you build a complete solution for not only a passive income site, but membership sites, click funnels, course websites and more. 

If you can dream it, we can build it. You get to work with me personally on building your brand & how to succeed in your online business. 



With some of the most creative and fun videos in the crypto space, my friend BitBoy crushes it on the daily with his content and he even has some cool merch on his website linked below. A fellow Satoshi Dropper and all around great guy in my opinion (except for the fact he prefers 5 Guys over In-N-Out, hey... no one is perfect!).


The "Queen of Charts" as we like to call her on Twitter. CryptoWendyO is a fellow Satoshi Dropper that does regular technical analysis for various cryptocurrencies as well as host some great meetups locally and across the US. Lover of pineapple pizza and if that's not ok with you, well... $GFY!

Beards & Bitcoins Podcast

Fellow Satoshi Droppers J-Chains and BitBoy team up for the weekly "Beards & Bitcoins" podcast. They have some great guests and who doesn't love a bearded man right?? I let them slide on the beards because every good beards HAS to include good 'stache! Check out their weekly podcast on iTunes below.

Young Dumb Crypto

The newest Satoshi Droppers, TJ and Bryan make up Young Dumb Crypto and help to education people on cryptocurrency topics. Keeping it fun and loose, YDC puts out some great content on their Youtube channel so make sure to check them out in the link below.