Everybody says XRP is a Sh*t coin but are these NFTs The Sh*t?

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0:01:29 First Project
0:04:05 Second Project
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Xrrr Pirates

This here be the first part of them treasure map fer them skulls next drop, so hear Ye!
There be a list. A list of pirates! A list upon which loot will be dealt upon.
Yarr… how to get on them list? Own a pirate skull!
Them loot be funded by a percentage of pirate sales.
So fer every 20 skulls sold from them new drop, treasure be dealt random upon one of ye lucky skulls!

In the loothery!
But be aware that there be a time limit fer collecting yer treasure…
…One week ye have to claim!
Whomever reports in discord to the capn' holding the skull be entitled to claim the loot!
So be pre-paired fer muntiny! If ye skull is fer sale!
Yarr but what do that mean fer them current holders ye might say!?
Well, ye number of yer skull be yer entry fer the loothery!
So the more skulls ye own the more luck ye be having in the loothery!

But there be a difference in the skulls ye own because:
Yarr! them art skulls be on them list 6 times!
An’ them special skulls like with them ruby eyes an' fire be on there 3 times!
Them clean skulls be on there 2 times!
An’ yer basic skull be on there 1 time!

Yarr an' with each new collection Yarr, them first drop skulls will be given 1 extra place to theirrrr name!
So them early pirates be always ahead!
What be the loot then, ye might ask!
Well, then I be saying what be pirates good at?! Plunderin’!
So, as yer Capn’ I be stealing some NFT loot to be dealt upon me pirates with every new batch sold!
But them loot be not limited to stolen NFT’s!
Them loot can be pure XRP!
Yarr an’ them loot can be special skulls!
Yarr and who be knowing what treasures them future be bringing!

Money Minded Ape$

Cash is king…of the jungle!
And these Apes are swinging onto the XRP Ledger to make sure you know it. Our 2761 Apes are designed to display the many faces of financial brilliance. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and these Apes had to earn it. They’ve gone from tree to tree, and all the way to web3.

Are you going to join them?

Ledger City

is a game based on the XRP blockchain wherein accounts are represented as buildings in a 3D city.
You as the player may claim ownership of your property through a simple verification process.
After verification, you can customize the appearance of your property via collectable and customizable NFTs placed on the building.

The first release of Ledger City will be available in Q2, 2022.
Early access will be granted to a limited audience pooled from mailing list subscribers.

Supported Platforms
The initial release of Ledger City will be available for Windows and MacOS.

Mobile apps (Android, iOS) are on the roadmap for Q4 2022.