PFP NFTs were all the rage a few months ago, but we have not seen as many releases recently. Birdez Gang is the new kid on the block, and in this video I tell you why I think these could be a great passive income opportunity.

Will this be the next CyberKongz?!? Let me know in the comments below!


0:00:00 Setup
0:00:33 Intro
0:02:24 Birdez Gang
0:03:48 What You Get
0:04:55 Popular Trend
0:06:18 Nest Egg
0:08:21 Breakdown

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Birdez Gang is one of the new kids on the block in the NFT PFP space, but they are definitely one to keep an eye on. Every Genesis Birdez gives access to his hodler to a private and world-class Alpha Mastermind Group where you can grow every single day, find early projects to invest in, meet founders of different projects and be surrounded by a huge group of people. The team is also in the process of building Birdez Land, a metaverse where Birdez Gang NFT holders will be able to meet, socialize, and participate in several mini games the team is cooking up. Every Genesis Birdez is able to produce 10 $SEED per day. $SEED is the utility token of the entire ecosystem that you can use to customize your Genesis Name and Bio writing directly on the blockchain, to buy rarities for your Genesis, to buy things in Birdez Land in the metaverse and to breed Baby Birdez. To breed a baby you need to have 2 Genesis in your wallet and have accumulated 600$SEED. Once you have 2 genesis and 600$ seed you can breed a NEW NFT called Baby Birdez. Their NFTs also get their owners a spot in the Nest Egg DAO, which is the Birdez Gang community in charge of directing the project. Birdez Plans to have a conference for their NFT holders in Vegas Q3 of this year!
The NFTs just minted and sold out immediately, $SEED emissions recently launched or will be launching soon (I dont have one of these NFTs so I can verify its active / gated part of their website). And the token does not appear to have any liquidity on ETH yet, so join the Birdez gang discord to get the latest information about the token listing as it comes out.

Total NFTs: 1,333 / Mint Price: 0.07777 + GAS / SOLD OUT / Open Sea Floor: 1.07 ETH (massive gain)
$SEED Tokens – Max Supply: 108,121,111 / 50% NFT Rewards (daily emissions) – 45% Staking Rewards (Stake $SEED) – 5% Team Reserve