Quantum Works is a sci-fi first person shooter that uses the Unreal Engine 5 and Cryptocurrency. This game will be a AAA quality MMOFPS focused around acquiring loot.

0:00:00 Setup
0:00:33 Intro
0:01:39 Project Quantom
0:02:18 The Concept
0:03:21 What You Get
0:04:27 How Do You Earn
0:05:20 Other Options
0:06:12 The Marketplace
0:07:02 Breakdown

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Our mission is to combine AAA gaming and crypto currency, deploying an ecosystem controlled predominantly by the users which allows them to an ecosystem controlled predominantly by the users which allows them to transact both ways via our token, giving gamers, designers and content creators the opportunity to make money, while immersing themselves in a unique IP. For years AAA titles have all had their own currency, their own in game coin, which once the player has bought in, to them it becomes a sunk cost, and that money can only be used for in game items. We want to break down those barriers by launching our own AAA title set in the not-too-distant future, where players use the Project Quantum token to trade within the game’s marketplace. Here players can buy items from each other which they have either found, created or won in game. By allowing creators to make their own content using our wireframe baseline models, the models and designs are only limited by your own imagination. All in game items like weapons, armour and vehicles, will be minted as NFT’s so all previous owners, their stats and their value is always trackable within the game. Utilising our unique tokenomics and tax system, our titles will always be free to play and not only that, but it will also allow players or users the opportunity to earn money while they play. The in-game ecosystem will benefit from a 3.5% tax levied on all transactions either in game or from the public trading of the token, which goes straight back into the game, allowing the developers to assign real world value to in game assets, and the ability to offer huge prize money on a daily/weekly/monthly basis for PVP, the likes of which has not been seen before in gaming. Players could at any time change their token out of the game world and change them for real world currency.