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0:00:00 Setup
0:00:27 Intro
0:01:31 Shatter Point
0:02:24 The Cool Thing
0:04:10 Heros
0:05:50 Game Play
0:06:30 Skill Based
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Welcome to the
ShatterPoint Universe Our world is at risk, do you have the skills to ensure your survival?
500 years ago marks the first time historians recorded the Portals, which were said to have appeared out of nowhere. These mysterious gateways released countless barbaric warriors, twisted monsters, and endless armies across our world.

Most of the world was destroyed, but hope was not lost, for a new army of courageous heroes emerged. Led by the one called Karluq, his band of heroes became known as The Travelers. They were the first to travel to the stars in search of a way to defend their worlds.

Your story begins as you join the honored ranks of The Travelers!

CHOOSE a mighty warrior
The Travelers gather only the best warriors across space and time, and each has unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. All warriors utilize a signature set of weapons and armor. Who will you choose?

Immerse yourself in battle
Only through battle and winning the extremely valuable Quantus resource can you survive in Shatterpoint. Alone, against other players, or as a team, you can strengthen your Hero for whatever lies ahead.

PVE: Single Player
Battle monsters, build experience, explore worlds, gain resources, and strengthen your character for the ultimate skilled combat, the Arena Battle Mode.

PVP: Arena Battle Mode
Team up, battle other players solo, enter tournaments and special events, and win the most valuable rewards in the game. PVP Arena is where warriors become true Heroes!

Compete in seasonal challenges
Shatterpoint has been designed with Free-to-Play as a core philosophy of the game, creating an equal opportunity for all players to craft an NFT and progress through the game.