There might be some uncertainty in the crypto markets right now, but I’m more sure than ever that Play to Earn Gaming and Blockchain Games are going to stay in the spotlight all 2022. We have seen new games popping up left and right, but in this video I show you an upcoming release that already has some SWEET Gameplay footage!
Don't forget to check out Legends of The Metaverse!

Legends of the Metaverse:

0:00:00 Setup
0:00:35 Intro
0:01:19 Legends of The Metaverse
0:02:18 Developed In Unreal Engen
0:03:01 Eary Stages Of Development
0:03:36 E Sports
0:04:05 Ramping Up
0:05:18 LOTM Token
0:06:05 Tribes
0:07:00 Breakdown

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Legends of the Metaverse will start its journey as an enjoyable play-and-earn PVP and PVE arena-based combat game, where players compete for glory and the opportunity to earn our valuable Metaverse Token.
Each battle within our 3D turn-based game is different, with Legends possessing unique traits and abilities. Players are required to use strategic thinking and cunning to outplay their enemies, with our most skilled players gaining the opportunity to earn the LOTM platforms Metaverse DAO/utility token. Before we dive into the detail, we are keen to share some of the core values that drive this very special project. At the heart of everything, is our community, a vibrant Discord Server with over 25,000 Members.

We are building not just a play-and-earn game, but an entire Metaverse, with our community and players at the heart of it all. When building a Metaverse and sustainable gaming economy, and please note the word sustainable. We believe that there are 3 core pillars supporting long term sustainability and growth:
• Player ownership – Through the power of the blockchain, we are able to empower our players to have true ownership of every asset in their Inventory. We achieve this through our partnership with ImmutableX – an Ethereum based Layer 2 solution.
ImmutableX is the first Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs that solves critical problems within the NFT space. The platform provides better value to users and products with instant trade confirmation, massive scalability (up to 9,000 trades per second), and zero gas fees – all without compromising security.

• Inclusivity – We are making a concerted effort to help onboard as many players as possible into the LOTM ecosystem. We intend to continue working towards this goal by making the game accessible to players of all budgets. •Dynamic & exciting gameplay – Often overlooked, here at LOTM we feel the primary focus should always be on exciting and ever-evolving gameplay. Whilst we do offer an opportunity for play-and-earn, it is important to attract players who want to be a part of our Metaverse for the long term, which is why we are so focused on player experience. We believe that if we can stay true to the ongoing implementation of these 3 pillars, the LOTM Metaverse can establish itself as a leader within the Web3 space. We aim to attract players in their millions, not just from GameFi but from traditional gaming too, an industry we feel is not only ready for disruption, but much larger in scale.

Our vision is to build a player owned Metaverse powered by Unreal Engine 5
Creating a game that engages new and seasoned players alike is no easy challenge, but it does help if the team themselves are passionate about what they do.
Our creative team are second to none, having worked on large franchise movie and animation projects. Here at Legends of the Metaverse, we believe that, to create a truly fun experience, you need to go deep with the details.

Zern Tribe – Legend
We strive for excellence with every aspect of our Metaverse, whether it be our arena based game, openworld, characters and lore. The goal is to make our players and community feel a natural affinity to our Metaverse by creating an exciting journey for them to follow.