Earn over a hundred dollars a day with these game that run on WAX The King of NFTs.

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0:02:01 About WAX
0:03:14 Blockchain Brawlers
0:06:09 Sailors World
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What About the Legendary Brawlers?
They are actually not able to equip swag kits as they are already 1-of-1 Brawlers.
Swag Kits are cosmetic only and have no impact on gameplay whatsoever. This will be a launch day feature and will be handled from the inventory page within the game itself.
You’re Probably Wondering How We’re Going to Decide Who Wins?
It is pretty simple! Each day we’ll look at which wallets actually have a Common, Uncommon or Rare Brawler NFT in their possession, and then enter those wallets into a raffle system. In general, we think this approach puts this content squarely in the hands of the fans of our game. We see you and we want to reward you. Fifty wallets will be drawn each day from that list at 1 pm ET.
You will get one entry per Brawler NFT in your wallet.

Sailors World is an NFT-based nautical gaming project with a dynamic economic model on the WAX blockchain. The game has “play-to-earn” features, where players will be rewarded with tokens. This allows players to build ships, mine resources, and explore the seas and oceans.
Build your own Sailors World fleet, mine resources, participate in expeditions and future battles!
Sailors world is a vast universe spread over a multitude of continents and archipelagos, washed by the salty waters of the Three Oceans. Thanks to the giant territories, the abundance of unexplored land and sea routes, and the opportunity to wander between islands.
The Mighty Red Ocean, Magical Ocean and the Continent of Asteron
The Mighty Red Ocean washes over three large islands – Spring Island, Summer Island and Autumn Island. They are surrounded by many small archipelagos rich in natural resources. Most of the islands have never been set foot on by man, so there are wild monsters and fantastic creatures at every step. In addition to the representatives of wildlife on the islands are natives, armed with unusual weapons. The adventurers drove them deep into the jungle, so the locals are hostile to uninvited guests. Asteron is a large continent with rare islands scattered around it. Asteron's two cities, Golden City and Stormtown, are well known. During the construction and development of the cities, natural resources were depleted, but the situation improved when rich mines were found near the Mighty Red Ocean.

Pin Master is a unique Play-to-Earn game based on a digital collection of bowling-themed NFTs. We are creating the world’s first crossover game that combines real world bowling with digital gaming. Pin Master NFTs will allow you to earn cash and prizes through digital bowling, fantasy bowling tournaments, or even when you lace up at your local alley! Earn passive income by Sponsoring a Bowler. Create a Custom Character for other players to collect and play with. Win a share of payouts when your Bowlers win prizes!

Digital Bowling
Create and collect Pin Master Bowler NFTs to compete in daily and weekly tournaments to win WAX and prizes. Level up your Bowler and advance through the ranks from Novice to Pro.

Fantasy Bowling
Collect Pin Master Fantasy Bowling NFTs to compete and win prizes in DFS tournaments based on results from Pro Bowling tours. A new and exciting fantasy sports experience.

At The Alley
Use Pin Master NFTs to register at participating local lanes and track your scores with a digital avatar. Compete against other registered players to win prizes.

Mobile App
Bringing the Pin Master universe to your mobile device. Interact with Pin Master gaming using a native, optimised experience.